Must Know Benefits of Using Gmail for Small Businesses

    Gmail has a massive number of users which is not new to us. However, businesses majorly prefer to use Outlook because of the large-scale amalgamation it provides. Keep in mind that Outlook might work as a perfect option for you if your business is on the bigger end to handle. It is very important that, the requirement of each type of institution or business is different. Which is why? Gmail is suits the best for small businesses.

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    Its not a very well known fact that, Gmail also stands strong in the competition of business emails. The storage and flexibility adds up to be the crucial characteristics of business email services it provides. Gmail for small businesses can be very cost effective as well. Most successful small businesses also this as their primary tool to manage their work with utter ease.

    This is where I’ll explain why Gmail is so useful for profitable small businesses.


    TECHGYO_ Gmail takes care of the security of your inbox
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    Even the smallest business idea needs a good security. For this matter this email is the most reliable source. This free email medium takes care that each and every person you are interacting with is safe. It also comes with a strong default scanner which scans the attachments and notifies if its safe to open.

    Also, google gives importance in teaching their users security for their email. For which they have enabled specific tools.

    2. Amalgamation:

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    The best of Google mail is the amalgamation of different file types. Having a google account helps you to connect your account with the cloud which stores your photos, videos, chats, scheduling etc. This preserves all your efforts of transferring your data to your PC and then again uploading to your new device.

    3.  Convenience:

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    Convenience of this account doesn’t need explanation. The portability, accessibility, and its acceptability globally make it very easy to use.

    4.  Sync with Outlook:

    TECHGYO_ It is easy to synchronise Gmail with Outlook
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    Moreover, your Google account can also be synced with MS Outlook and Blackberry, Android and IOS and many platforms which are majorly used by businesses. Setting up access to your email program instatntly is and added advantage that comes with this.

    5. Storing Instant Messages and Video Conferences:

    TECHGYO_ IM and Video Conferences can be saved
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    Previously mentioned, the mail’s characteristic of integration to different file types on the cloud has some more to it.  It also helps you to store additional formats like Instant Messages and Video conferencing. By this method, the results of the video conferences with your clients and co- workers can be saved.

    6. Organisation and Search:

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    This email also allows you to manage your inbox and keep it clutter free. Gmail also provides some search techniques in order to keep preserve the storage of your inbox and help you find age old mails.

    Must Know Benefits of Using Gmail for Small Businesses 1
    Megha Kottapalli
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