Lifi Vs Wifi: Who’s Better Than Whom?

In the past when technology was not what we have today, communication barrier between people who are very far apart was a problem. Everything was just manual, and for someone to deliver information to a destination, traveling was involved which was quite slow and expensive. The presence of a problem triggers and this triggered greater innovations that make the today’s world a global village. The internet is one of the greatest inventions that I don’t think any other technology has risen above it. All we hear is the improvement of its use. Wi-Fi is one of its use improvements that allow wireless access to the technology that came after wired internet access. Recently another wireless technology known as Life was introduced. It serves the same purpose with Wi-Fi, but there is a belief that Life is more superior. The following are the advantages of Lifi vs Wifi, that can make Lifi Superior.

wifi vs lifi

Advantages of Lifi vs Wifi

  1. Strong security

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data while life uses visible light. According to our basic science, we all know that light cannot pass through an opaque wall while radio waves can excellently pass. This makes lifi security stronger since its network and hence data cannot be accessed by anyone outside the building. However, this works against it because the internet connection cannot be shared by people within different rooms belonging to the same organization. It is most suitable in areas where security seriously needs. Security in a Wi-Fi may not be a guarantee as such since the network can be accessed by the people outside the building.

  1. High transmission speed

Almost everything we are talking about is based on the simple science that we learned in the primary schools. According to that science, light has been proven to have the highest rate of transmission. Since lifi uses light to transmit data, that makes it faster in transmission than Wi-Fi, which uses radio waves. In this world of time investors, people do not want to waste more time, and that is why lifi is the best option.  Lifi has appeared in the technology news as the latest and fastest wireless invention that can give a speed of up to 1GB. It is the latest technology that we should embrace.

  1. It is not affected much by interference

Interference is a situation where the signal being transmitted is disrupted. Radio waves are majorly affected by interference that make the transmission slow or in worst case scenario; the signal is totally lost. This makes Wi-Fi slow in transmitting urgently needed data, and it may not be a very convenient way. Lifi, on the other hand, is not greatly affected by interference hence making it the most suitable latest technology for communication. Technology news has in the recent past highlighted the disadvantages of interference as what make radio waves unsuitable mode of transmission. Lifi, in this case, remains to be superior.

  1. Can be used in dense regions

We all would like technologies that can be used anywhere regardless of the environmental factors. Wi-Fi is one such technology that cannot easily overcome environmental factors because it is greatly affected by interference. It cannot, therefore, be able to transmit in salty water where there is much more interference. Lifi, the latest technology is not affected by interference can be used for transmission in the dense regions where Wi-Fi is not applicable. Through this technology, those who dive into deep sea water can be able to communicate without any problems.

  1. Transmission frequency

There is a great frequency range difference between Wi-Fi transmission and Lifi Transmission. According to technology news, lifi frequency is about ten times that of a Wi-Fi, which is a very noticeable range that can provoke a choice between the two technologies. Wi-Fi has a frequency of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz while lifi has a frequency ranging between 400 to 800 terahertz. Superiority needs no more explanation since the above difference is just a clear evidence of it.


Technology is the most dynamic thing in the world since it keeps on changing every moment. If you are in the technology field, then you have to keep on reading to keep yourself updated with the current technologies. Wifi technology is a technology that was developed long ago but, most people discovered its presence recently. Lifi is one of the latest technology inventions in the wireless segment if we take at look at Lifi vs Wifi. It is a great improvement in the networking field that requires photo detectors for its light mode of transmission. As we have seen in the above Lifi vs Wifi advantages, lifi is fast, secure, interference-free new technology that is now relatively above Wi-Fi. What makes Wi-Fi still recognized in Lifi vs Wifi is the fact its signals can be felt across a thick opaque wall.


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