Key players in Scrum Team and their characteristics

Developing a project in agile way is easy and tough. It is simple and complicated. Yes, it easy and simple when you understand the framework right. It is tough and complicated when you don’t. Therefore it is important to have a grip on the framework. But, if you want to do this, then your entire team must hold hands and work towards a common goal.

Let us now talk about scrum projects. The framework is simple but the whole team must put in efforts to execute the project in the correct manner. The ideal situation is required for every team to express their ability. To understand this in a better way, one has to undergo CSM Certification.

Traits of an Ideal Scrum Situation

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In an ideal scrum situation, the following are the characteristics possessed.

Self-organizing team

The team is empowered to think, share and execute their thoughts for the best results. They can get approval from the product owner (PO) and take up the backlogs to start working. In an ideal situation, this team will not try to boss around and will not have any hierarchy. Each individual will work with their efficiency keeping only the end goal in their mind.

Knowledge of multiple functions

Ideal team means that which has people working with their task but aware of the other processes as well. Say for instance, the developer knows about testing, integrating, and UI design. Similarly, each individual understands how the others work. This will help everyone to understand the pain points of the others in the team.

All under one roof

Scrum meeting, daily standup, sprint meeting etc will be effective when team meet across the table. This can happen only if everyone in the team operates from the same office.


The team should be assigned to work on any project in a dedicated fashion. In case if they are assigned other project or any other role in the same project, this will distract their focus and hence reduce their productivity.

Experienced players

The team that works well must be identified and should work together long-term on one or many agile projects. This will not only let them master the process but also they will understand each other strengths and plan accordingly.

But, do you think such an ideal situation can be achieved? Yes, possible. However, not always. Then what next? It is important to make every member in the scrum team to play a role to make the team an ideal one.

Ensure that your team has the following traits to get closer to the ideal team. The following section will describe the required characteristics from a product owner, scrum master, and the development team. These are the three key players who contribute to the success of a Scrum project.

Product Owner

This person is responsible for both development and maintenance of the product vision. The product backlog (PB) is prioritized with the help of the PO. They know the product requirement as explained by the client and will talk to the team to give them an insight. For better understanding one can attend CSPO Certification.

Top 5 Characteristics of an ideal PO

Great Orator

The PO will understand the product vision and will be in line with the stakeholders. But, it is important that this person is able to explain the goal to the team. This quality is equally important to make team understand the prioritization of the PBs.


They can talk to the team but must map the customer need. The primary motive of PO is to deliver the product as required by the client. They should never deviate not try to convince the customer. In fact, it is good if the PO plays the role of the customer during scrum meetings to emphasize the importance of the goal.

Aware of modelling techniques

Product success lies in choosing the right modelling technique. The PO must hold the responsibility of applying the right model to deliver the right product. Impact Mapping, Business model generation, and Lean startup are some of the models adopted by successful product owners.

Takes ownership to map the user story

Mapping user story should be mastered by the PO. It, in turn, will allow the team to look at the second dimension for every backlog.

Focuses on Backlog Refinement Activity

The time spent on backlog refinement will decide the quality of the product. Therefore the PO must know how to add details, estimate, and order items into the PB.

Scrum Master

Scrum master plays the facilitator role and makes sure that the team follows the scrum rules, practices, and the theory religiously.

Best Scrum Master must embrace the following roles based on the need

  1. Coach – Must coach the team towards continuous enhancement and collaborate everyone together as a scrum team.
  2. Teacher – Teach the Scrum methods to the entire team and ensure it is well understood.
  3. Mentor – Should be able to transfer knowledge about agile to anyone at the time of need to implement the Scrum process.
  4. Conflict Resolver – Willing to take action on the individual to resolve issues and make the team productive.
  5. Facilitator – Set the stage to begin and provide clear directions. Must understand that the agile principles are the key when compared to the practices.

Development Team

This team is the backbone of the scrum project. Each individual both in development and testing accepts the assigned task and work towards completing the same.

Must to have traits of the best development team are as follows

  1. Stronghold on technical concepts – The developer or tester must know the technical concepts thoroughly as the entire project team depends on their codes. It is important that they are not lethargic but have a thirst for constant learning.
  2. One who can respect the Boy Scout rule – This rule states that the individual should know how to clean up the messy code. Always the team must make sure to make improvement in the code given to them.
  3. Understands the true meaning of feedback – Should never take feedback as criticism. Also, must not criticize the person but should provide feedback to the idea. Therefore both way round this individual should accept even criticism as feedback and work towards it.

If you can inculcate these traits to your scrum team, then you are getting closer to the ideal team and be prepared to celebrate your success.

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