Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Online Whiteboard

Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Online Whiteboard 1

Communication is one of the top challenges for teams in the corporate world. Over the years, employees have overcome the hurdles of working with different time zones. They are also used to working with remote team members; however, for distributed teams, communication is still a matter of concern. Online whiteboarding can effectively eliminate these problems.

According to a report by INC, 65% of people are visual learners and most of us process information based on what we see. When working with internal teams and conveying a message effectively, you must be able to simplify and visualize ideas and present them to your team members. A practical solution for distributed teams, online whiteboards eliminate the requirement for the companies to purchase expensive hardware instead use existing infrastructure and find the best software.

Choosing The Right Online Whiteboard

Before you choose an online whiteboard, you must look for answers to some of the critical questions such as what are the features the whiteboard supports? How will the session results be saved? Can anyone else present the session in someone’s absence? Etc.

Ensure That The Whiteboard Is Easily Accessible

Accessibility is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing an online whiteboard. Different users will probably use different gadgets to access whiteboard. An ideal online interactive whiteboard is accessible by both Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, look for a mobile version of a whiteboard which can be accessed by lots of people as almost everyone today uses a smartphone.

A company does not restrict itself from using different operating systems on their devices. Hence, it is vital to search for a cross-platform solution that will work well irrespective of the operating systems in use.

Support For Media

We understand a concept more clearly if it is presented with a picture as compared to in the written form. Photographs and documents should be easily accessible while explaining something or working on a concept. A whiteboard must support media files such as pictures and documents for easy presentation.

Whether The Whiteboard Worth The Price

With all the other factors, the price of an online whiteboard is also a key factor you should consider. Your spend on an online whiteboard should be in accordance with the requirement and the features it has. You will find numerous paid and free online whiteboard on google and you should be able to decide the suitable one for you.

In Conclusion

To conclude, online whiteboards are instrumental in ensuring that the teams can interact easily with minimal interference. They are an excellent way to improve communication among the team members. While choosing one of them, you must consider these factors like easy accessibility, support for media files, the price and more.

Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Online Whiteboard 3
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