iMessage and How it Works

We can’t deny the fact that iPhone is one of the most love phones now especially by the gadget lovers. Aside from its sleek and cool design, one of the reasons for its popularity is the hundreds of applications that iPhone users can download for free or for a minimal amount that can extend the functionality of the phone. Simple function such as an application for social networking like Echofon, Tweetdeck, FourSquare and the like or even complex application to allow you to access cloud computers, or for GPS features and many more.

The release of the new iOS 5 offers great new functions and one of them is the iMessage. iMessage is the new messaging tool for all iOS5 users. With iMessage, users who have iPhone, iPad, iPod that runs iOS 5 can send free SMS to one another as long as there is a WiFi or 3G signals.

When I first tried iMessage, I got really confused with how it works as it is integrated with the Message application. So to save you the headache, here is a run down on how you can setup and use iMessage:

It is very easy to set up as you just have to enable it from Settings <<< Messages. You will be asked to supply your Apple ID after turning this feature ON and once activation is finish, you are ready to start using iMessage.

Take note of the “Send as SMS” setting and make sure that this is turn off especially when overseas, to avoid data roaming charge. Turning it off will not send the message via SMS if the WiFi or 3G connections fail.

Using iMessage is just like sending a normal text message. What it does is it checks if the recipient has an Apple ID associated with the device, and if there is a WiFi or 3G signal, the message will then be sent for free.

You will be able to differentiate an iMessage from an ordinary text by the color of the bubbles - iMessages are color blue while normal SMS are green.

Here are some more of its features:

  •  Allows sending of photos, videos, locations, and contacts with other iOS 5 Apple devices
  •  Syncs the conversation among all iOS 5 devices if the user has multiple devices registered under one Apple ID
  •  Has group-messaging feature and it sends the reply to everybody in the group.
  •  It sends out delivery receipt to the sender so it lets the sender know if the message has been successfully delivered.
  •  Just like in chat software, iMessage also shows an icon (ellipsis), to signify that the recipient is in the middle of typing a reply.
  •  Messages sent via iMessage are securely encrypted

If you haven’t setup your iMessage yet, try it now and start saving on SMS charges by utilizing the free SMS that iMessage offers.


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