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It often happens when you want to click a great picture and share it on your social media only to find out it’s blurred, what a moment of disappointment. If you have a look at it straight away you can probably take another picture, but what do you do if you look at it later and cannot take another shot

In case you’re looking to fix a blurry image, you’ve come to the right place, and we’ve got you covered. We’re going to save your day by sharing the right tools that will answer your question of how to unblur an image online, you can use these tools to fix blurry images so let’s get rolling! We’ve arranged the list of tools based on the difficulty and learning curve required to edit the images to unblur them, so pick the best that suits your needs.

Online Tools regarding how to unblur an image

1. Fotor Photo Blur

Difficulty Level : Easy

Here’s how you can fix blurry images with Fotor:

This is an online image editing tool. It’s quite simple to use and has a great learning curve. It is basically designed to delete images but can be used to blur out images very efficiently. It’s available on mobile and desktop.

Here’s how you can use this tool to unblur images:

  • Import the photo to be edited from your system.
  • The blur option is under the menu. Select that.
  • Adjust the intensity accordingly.

The pricing is available as follows:

  • The basic plan is free.
  • The Fotor Pro plan starts at $8.99/month.
  • The Fotor Pro+ starts at $19.99/month.

For more information on pricing click here: Fotor Pricing

Visit their website here: Fotor Photo Editor

2. Blurity

Difficulty Level: Easy

Here’s how you can fix blurry images with Blurity:

This tool is great for getting rid of motion blur that occurs while taking photos. It can be used to fix blurry and defocused images. You can also fix text images. 

It’s a paid software but comes with a trial version. The home version costs $49 and the pro version costs $89.

Visit their official website here:

3. Lunapic

Difficulty Level: Advanced

lunapic unblur

On the Lunapic website, you may simply unblur an image. You must first upload your photo and then change the blur strength using the slider above the photo. Then you must click the apply button, and your image will be deblurred. This is a fairly basic website, yet it provides a lot of photo editing choices. Almost all the photo editing tools are available here. This is a must-see website. This software is free to use.

Visit their official website here: LunaPic | Free Online Photo Editor

What are some of the tools to unblur images?

1. Fotor
2. Photoshop
3. Lunapic
5. Afterfocus
6. Blurity
8. Snapseed

Offline Tools

4. Unblurring Pictures using Photoshop

Difficulty Level : Advanced

You can watch the following video tutorial to fix your blurry images with the help of photoshop:

Photoshop is the most commonly used tool to edit images in any way. It has been used for a very long time and is a preferred choice. With Photoshop and its tools you can unblur images quickly.  Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the image you want to fix in Photoshop Elements.
  • From the Filters menu select Enhance.
  • Select Unsharp Mask.
  • You can adjust the Radius and Amount until you’re satisfied with the quality.

This tool is super easy to use and might take you a little adjusting to unblur your pictures but it’s so worth it.

This is a paid feature and has three plans:

  • Annual Plan (Prepaid) – $239.88/year or $19.99/month.
  • Annual Plan (Paid Monthly) -$251.88/year or $20.99/month.
  • Monthly Plan- $31.49/month.

Visit their website here: Photoshop apps – desktop, mobile, and tablet |

5. GIMP Image Editor

Difficulty Level : Advanced

If you don’t want to invest in a premium license for Photoshop, you can checkout GIMP, it is a free open source image editor that pretty much get the job done for you. 

Here’s a tutorial to fix a blurry picture using GIMP tool:

GIMP is another hassle free tool you can use to unblur your images quickly. You have to download it on your system and it’s good to go and the best part is it’s absolutely free. 

It might take a little time for beginners to pick it up but once you learn it, it’s worth the wait. It’s a great tool if you’re not looking to spend any money.

Here’s how you can fix a blurry image with GIMP:

  • Open the image you want to edit in GIMP.
  • From the Toolbox choose Blur/Sharpen.
  • Choose Sharpen and drag your mouse all over your image or over the blurry region to sharpen it.
  • Watch how it magically unblurs the image.

Download GIMP here: GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program

6. Snapseed

Difficulty Level: Requires a little effort

Here’s how you can sharpen images using Snapseed

Snapseed is another well known tool used by a lot of photo editors. It’s a Google app and can be installed on android and iOS. This app has a lot of features and works very well with most of the systems. It’s a great tool for sharpening images especially.

Here’s how you can use it to unblur an image:

  • Open the photo that you want to unblur in Snapseed.
  • Select the Details option from the menu.
  • Then select Sharpen or Structure and then select unblur.

And it’s done! It will unblur your image instantly. You might take a little time to get used to it and might have to use the trial and error method until you can get the ratio right. It’s completely free of cost.

Visit their website here: Snapseed App | Download Online Photo Editing App

Download the app for android devices:  Snapseed – Apps on Google Play

Download the app for iOS here: ?Snapseed on the App Store


Difficulty Level : Requires a little effort

Here’s how you can fix blurry images with

This tool is again free of cost and can be used to edit images. GIMP is a much better alternative though, but this too can be used to fix blurry images. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the image you want to edit in
  • Select Effects<Picture<Sharpen.
  • Move the slider as per your requirement to sharpen the image.
  • Click on OK and save it.

Voila! It’s that simple.

Download here: ? GETPAINT.NET Download

8. Microsoft Paint

Difficulty Level: Requires a little effort

Here’s how you can fix blurry images with Paint:

Microsoft Paint is a tool we’ve been using   since school (Ah, nostalgia) But this tool can be used to do much more than just draw pictures on a blank screen. The “Unsharp Mask” feature in paint lets you sharpen images and reduce the blur. 

Here’s how you can blur images using Paint:

  • Import the image you want to fix.
  • Click Layer and Duplicate buttons on the screen to create a layer.
  • Click on Adjust. A Dialogue box opens.
  • Adjust the clipping, strength and radius of the mask.
  • Click on OK.
  • You can adjust the opacity by using the slider on the Unsharp mask.
  • Click Layer Selection<Merge<Merge All Flatten and it’s ready.

This tool is absolutely free, but we all know that already.

After Focus

Difficulty Level: Easy

unblur image with after focus

This is one of the best software for editing photos and removing blur from photos. This app is used by many people and can be installed on your mobile phone. 

This app gives the image a much cleaner look and finish. This app has a lot of features to edit your images. The premium version has much more features. 

Download the app here for android : AfterFocus – Apps on Google Play

Download the app for iOS: ?AfterFocus on the App Store

So these were the top 9 tools to unblur an image. They are easy to use and have a great learning curve. You can fix unlimited images and flaunt them on your social media. We hope this article helps you unblur your images. Let us know in the comment section below about your favorite tool out of these 9. 

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