How to Spy On Someone’s Messenger

Have you ever thought about using a Messenger spy app? Similar to any other social media network you can find today, Facebook also has some flaws in its security systems. Hackers can use the opportunity to gain any data they want from the site, including critical ones.

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However, the process might be a little too complicated and requires some programming knowledge. But for those who only want to spy on somebody on Facebook, the process isn’t as complex. With the help of the app to get other people’s texts remotely, you need no professional experience.

There are so many ways to do so, making it basically an easy process that everyone can try. In this article, we’ll talk about the best methods to spy on Facebook messenger.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger Account?

So, how can I spy on Facebook Messenger for free?

Since the process is still considered easy and approachable, you can find lots of preferences online. But let’s be real here. Some websites mention techniques and methods that no longer work. Since Facebook continuously updates its security, we, as users, also need to do something new.

Fortunately, we still have a few recommendations for doing Facebook Messenger spy free, such as:

1 – Spy apps

The best method you can use to do Facebook dm spy is by using the spy apps. These apps will help you to spy not only on Facebook but possibly on other social media and chatting apps. Although most of the premium apps are not free, the price is always worth it.

By paying a small amount, you’ll get a complete set of features you can use to spy on or monitor someone. Thus, using spy apps is considered the best method that will always work.

2 – Reset the existing password on the browser

The next method, besides trying the Messenger spy app, is by changing the existing passwords. However, before actually making a new one, you have to delete the previous password. You can freely access the website either with a phone number or an email address. The method is also free, but some risks must be noticed.

Now, this can be an alternative to the Facebook Messenger spy app without target phone as long as you have an email or phone number connected to that account. If you don’t have anything at all, then maybe the next method would suffice.

3 – Access to the device

Last but not least, you can easily watch someone’s chats on Facebook by directly accessing the target phone. Yes, you have to make contact with it. This method may work if the user doesn’t set any password or PIN to their phone. We think this is the easiest, free method but with high risk. If you don’t be careful, they will easily notice you.

What Information Can You Get with Eyezy?

As one of the best spy Messenger apps, we highly recommend using Eyezy instead. It’s a complete package with a small fee to pay. By using Eyezy, you don’t have to install anything on your device. Instead, you will be installing the app on the target phone.

After the app has been installed successfully, you may gain all the information you need straight from the dashboard that is prepared for you. Some of the accessible information is:

  • Details about calls and messages;
  • Contacts;
  • Pictures, videos, songs, or any other media are shared within the chats.

Don’t Confuse Hacking with Spyware

Although we use a monitoring app, it doesn’t mean we can be included as hackers. Using a monitoring app like Eyezy, we could protect our loved ones from scam attempts that highly target teenagers and seniors. As for the parents, they can use the app to protect their kids against various kinds of bad things, including internet bullying and adult content exposure.

Surely, it’s different from hacking, which mostly doesn’t have good intentions.


And that’s how to spy on Facebook Messenger chat for free. So, which one of those methods do you want to try? Among all of them, we highly recommend using Eyezy as the top spy app to try on your phone.

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