Get protected from harmful websites with WOT

Everyday we visit hundreds of website for many purposes such as Online services, shopping, Job search, matrimonial etc. and get registered to them. We don’t think whether the website we are using is trustworthy or not and sometimes we get scammed due to lack of knowledge. We see many cases where people get cheated by fake websites which acts similarly to the original ones. Many people lost their money from their bank accounts by specifying the confidential data including user name as well as password in such websites. So it is vital to check the trustworthiness of the website before providing any kind of information.

How to know the website we are surfing is safe or not with WOT?

To get rid of this and for safe browsing we can use WOT (Web Of Trust) ad-on which is available for free to use to all the major browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

WOT is the rating system where the people rate the website according to their experience with it. It uses a simple “Green” and “Red” colored circle on your toolbar to inform you about the trustworthiness of the website you visit. Here green color depicts the safe and trust and red is the symbol of distrust. WOT comes up with 4 safety measures namely Trustworthiness, Vendor reliability, Privacy and Child safety that helps you know whether the website you are on is secure for surfing or not.

How can you secure the Internet with WOT?

Even you can help WOT to make web more secure, have you got cheated by a service? or not got an item ordered from a website? Just rate the respective website according to your experience on WOT plugin.

You can download WOT ad-on from the link

Get protected from harmful websites with WOT 1
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