, a service where people buy and sell services for $5

What would you do for $5? Have some very interesting ideas? How interesting would be a marketplace where you can hock your $5 talent to others. It’s called, Fiverr its a service which allows you to buy and sell services for $5. You can buy and sell tasks at $5. As the name suggests, the website offers a place to sell and buy five dollar gigs.  buyers can leave feedback so others can find out if their five dollars was well spent. Tasks are divided into categories, including Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Writing,Technology, Business, Silly Stuff and Programming.

So why don't you try it out? Register an account at and post your own $5 gig, and then list your job. If you find a buyer and then complete the job, they pay you $4 for each completed task, keeping $1 for themselves as a service fee. Fiverr just takes $1 off of the $5 fee, thats interesting rt? The more interesting thing is, Fiverr will pay you via paypal, you just need to update your paypal email address in your fiverr account to get the payment. Sellers must have accrued over $40 (10 sales) before withdrawing their funds via paypal.

Continued by Vishal Sanjay.....

No matter on what topic we discuss on, our Techgyo team which is pretty small consisting of only three won't make a conclusion without a few hours of hardcore debating, today evening when Sreejesh came up with this both us had different views on this and our argument seemed to go on forever so we decided to contribute equally on this post.

Fiverr is a great service no doubt on that, but Sreejesh as been concentrating too much on it for the purpose of earning money which I disagree with because Fiverr is the site made for having fun and other silly things, you can very rarely find someone there who is serious about making money.

Just months after Fiverr got popular there were many more scripts which emerged which helped others to clone the service, with the help of this many sites such as Gigbucks took birth which looked and functioned the exact same way as Fiverr did, but the only thing was that it didn't have the price restriction of $5, so this site got hold of those who were in the mood of making money and the buyers who were interested in serious business.

After their success two more similar services got started named Jobsfor10 and 7freelance, they all don't have much to contribute as they are relatively new, but I think we must keep a close watch on them.

So now we can come to the conclusion that is your looking for fun, entertainment, silly stuff or just to show off your talent which Sreejesh loves to do, then there is nothing better than Fiverr, but for serious money makers like me Gigbucks is the best.


  1. Hi

    We are looking for creative people to add jobs on our site. Any feedback welcome. The sellers are the most important and i believe competition is healthy so its good if sellers have jobs listed on multiple sites.

    These sites help people to add an income which can only be good all round for everyone.

    Regards, Paul

  2. Fiverr is a great website to make money online both for beginners and advanced marketers. With a unique idea, it is not impossible to make hundreds in a month.

  3. So what can you get for $10? A lot!!

    On the web are unique innovative websites performing as a new platform where services can be bought and sold for just $10.

    We all found ourselves in situations where we needed a job done, but couldn't find the right person or the right price for us. Some interesting websites provides a direct line for customers and suppliers to interact with one another and reaching mutual satisfaction. The set price and the wide range of suppliers offering their immediate services is a new market place concept like no other. On these marketplaces you'll find online services such as advertising services, people who will write articles for you and even services you never though existed such as personal assistance with marketing activities, video, social activities services, or anything that comes to mind. You need something any job done this is the place to find someone who will do the job for you.
    The unique nature of some website enables us to perform as a small trust fund. Meaning, that the $10 the customer transfers the money, but the service supplier will receive it only after the customer has confirmed his total satisfaction from the service provided. We cannot confirm nor have a background check on each service provider, but the way the platforms works assures that service providers who do not perform to the customers total satisfaction will eventually be removed from the site due to low evaluations the receive from you, the customer.
    This is a self supported system. As such a system we depend on our followers to promote us. They are actually our best public relations people. Those who experienced the website and had a good interaction there will recommend us to people close to them. Through them we can reach out to a larger audience and provide you a greater deal of options. But it's not all about us. Your personal interest is also at our heart, by using this platform you can expose yourself to a larger audience and increase your personal followers on the different web applications.
    We truly believe that for some things in life there is no need to pay a lot in order to receive a top quality service. So why pay more when what you need to be done can be done for just $10.

  4. This is such a deep blog! What can I say, youve hit the nail right on the head! You even added some videos to make it seem so much more real. Youve got a great way of communicating with the reader, a great way of making me feel like what you have to say is just as important to me as it is to you. Keep it up!

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