Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy A Fitbit

One of the greatest inventions of this century will definitely be the Fitbit Trackers. Functioning under such chaotic conditions, someone had to take that step to constantly keep reminding us to get more active and healthy. Someone had to make us feel accountable for our actions. This American gadget company originally based in San Francisco, California, has built for itself a huge popularity amongst the health and technology freaks.

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So, here I am going to provide you with a bit more details about this wearable device in case you still have the slightest doubt. How does Fitbit work, how accurate is the Fitbit device and if it’s really worth all the hype that’s been gained over the time are a few questions you’ll be familiarized with!

Trackers and More

Consisting of a wide range of products that are dedicatedly designed to regulate overall well being, Fitbit products are actually transforming people’s lives. Typically, their merchandises are designed to track your day-to-day activities including sleep, steps taken, calories burnt and so on. Wireless gadgets, activity trackers and strap-ons are some of their product categories. And sub categorised by watches and pendants, many other devices are solely produced to monitor your lifestyle.

How Does Fitbit Work?

We’ve all studied about an accelerometer back in our school days, right? It’s a device to measures proper acceleration. The micro-electromechanical tool works to sense your body movements. Generally, an accelerometer measures the body’s movements on one, two or even 3 axes. These tiny brilliant things contain “capacitive plates” inside them. And these plates move while changing the “capacitance” between themselves. Hence, the alteration in capacitance helps us to determine the acceleration.

Fitbit technology majorly relies on 3-axis units. Why? Because 3-axis units are gaining huge popularity as compared to the rest since their development cost is comparatively lesser.

How Does Fitbit Track Your Steps?

By carefully interpreting the acceleration data, your Fitbit device produces a detailed summary of your body’s frequency, calories burned, distance covered and your sleeping patterns. It also sets a particular benchmark to count each of your steps. Fitbit claims to be developed and designed based on a deep algorithm which judges if your motion is large enough along with some subsequent acceleration. If both these factors meet a particular expected magnitude or intensity then it will be counted as a successful step.

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How Does Fitbit Track Your Sleep?

You simply need to belt on your tracker even when you’re about to sleep. Fitbit supervises your sleep with its automatic movement detection system. While you’re fast asleep there aren’t any constant movements of the body. So, if you haven’t moved for about 60 minutes, your Fitbit believes that you’re sleeping. Also, there’s an additional detector that determines if your body is rolling or slightly moving. This further helps your Fitbit confirm that you’re sleeping or not. Furthermore, your morning body movement helps the Fitbit to assume that you’re awake.

Let’s consider that you are awake but you’ve been sitting for hours reading a book. What happens then? Fitbit assumes you’re sleeping but at the same time it also allows you to delete this not-so-genuine logged sleep.

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How does Fitbit Calculate Your Calories?

BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is the one at which we burn as many calories as we require. BMR is generally based on the information you enter while filling in the details of age, gender, height etc. Fitbit works magnificently towards calculating your BMR by considering all factors together (your daily movements and other activities and manually logged in activity etc).

But do keep in mind that Fitbit will reset your calorie count every midnight. You’ll have to start a new count each morning.

Health Effects And Advantages

Considering the people that have been suffering from various health issues such as obesity and improper lifestyle, Fitbit could be their potential helping hand. A study conducted during the year 2016 proves that wearable health devices along with supervised lifestyle benefits in a better health. Obviously, it’s not rocket science but merely common sense that if we can observe our body’s habits through a detailed summary and not sheer assumption then we can assess ourselves better. Any information about our sleeping patterns or how much we have walked throughout the day will help us surpass our expectations since we have a clear data. This data helps us in analysing and self-assessment.

Is Fitbit Reliable And Accurate?

The company’s personal formula is to embrace fitness and let it keep seeping into our daily lives through positivity. It helps fitness become just another area of your everyday life besides your work and social life. How genius is that!

Fitbit is something revolutionary and accountable for all the million dollar sales. A majority of Fitbit users swear by Fitbit since they believe that it has encouraged them to exercise more. These users have walked places instead of taking transports only to satisfy themselves with the awarding buzz “goal achieved”. So, I guess it is pretty reliable if you are someone that needs motivation in life to achieve fitness. But wait, is it accurate? Does it precisely track your heartbeats, steps and all of that stuff? You’re about to find out!

Multiple types of research and studies claimed that most of the Fitbit gadgets stayed up to their words. A majority of them reflect peak accuracy levels. However, the accuracy was significantly low when the device was placed in the pockets or let’s say while walking on soft home carpets. Overall, the conducted tests concluded that Fitbit was accurate when it would count your steps but not one of those reliable devices to measure exact distance covered or to consider the number of calories that you may have burnt.

A simple and effective mechanism isn’t it? If you have any suggestions or comments that should be heard then feel free to write below. We always love the feedback from our viewers.