Create Your First Android App in Flash with AIR

Android is a renowned operating system which is dominating the mobiles since 2008. Android Market which was renamed to Google play has over six lacks of android apps till now and this number is increasing each day.  These android applications are usually developed in Java language using android SDK but you can also create cool apps for Android devices that just need to have AIR runtime environment.

Creating the app that opens your website from the android device using Flash CS5.5 hardly takes some minutes, just go through the steps written below to make your first android app in flash.

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What do you need to have to create first Android app in Flash?

You just need to have Adobe Flash CS5 software with the latest Adobe AIR package installed in your PC and an Android device to test your app.  Getting the latest AIR package before developing your first app is important as you can mingle with more features. You can install Android-SDK if you wish to test your app in your PC with emulator.

Let’s start with your first Android app in Flash

  1. Open Adobe Flash CS 5.5, click on AIR for Android option under create new section
    First Android App in Flash
  2. Save you flash file in your hard disk with “myfirstapp” file name, it is a good practice to save your file so you can test it immediately after publishing.
  3. We need to do some settings, click “AIR for android settings” under File menu
  4. In General tab click on both Full Screen and Auto Orientation check boxes so it can run full screen and in vertical and horizontal orientations.
    certificate for android
  5. In Deployment tab click on “Create” button to create a certificate, Provide your company name in Publisher name, Organization unit and Organization name, select the country and add the password, finally save the certificate. Additionally provide the password for your certificate in Deployment tab. In permission tab click on “Internet” and finally click “ok”. We chose permission to internet as our app will open a webpage.
  6. Now we will start actual coding for our app. First drag a button from buttons library on the editing area. Give it a instance name as “mybtn”.
  7. Select the created button and double click on “Click to go to webpage” action from the code snippets.
  8. Replace the hyperlink with website you wish to open from your app.
    button and as3 script
  9. Now we are ready to publish our first android app, Click on “Publish” under File menu, enter the password you specified earlier for your certificate and again click on “Publish” button.

That’s it now you are ready to test your first Android app created in Flash. Install it in your mobile and test it.

Create Your First Android App in Flash with AIR 1
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