Everything your should know about Performance monitoring software

Today, thanks to technological advancements, there are many modern performance monitoring tools. These tools are extremely useful for anyone who realizes the importance of collecting and analyzing data related to machine operation. Applications manager is one thing, but the right system allows you to make many necessary changes.

Performance monitoring software
  1. Performance monitoring software – what is it?
  2. What is OEE in performance monitoring?
  3. Performance monitoring software – what are the benefits of using it?

What kind of application performance monitoring tool is worth using, and what really is performance monitoring? Let’s find out.

Performance monitoring software – what is it?

More and more people know that a performance monitoring is the foundation of a successful business today. However, it turns out that not everyone needs to know the specific definition. So what is a performance monitoring? It is a method for automated collection of data from machines in real time. Performance management allows, for example, information about errors and problems, so they can be easily remedied. Performance monitoring in production gives the ability to analyze data, production progress and make informed decisions based on the collected information. Examples of solutions in this area can be found, for instance, at https://antsolutions.eu/.

What is OEE in performance monitoring?

OEE, or Overall Equipment Efficiency, is an indicator that measures the effectiveness in managing the equipment that is used in the production process. For example, various solutions such as production data management systems, end user experience monitoring and performance monitoring can help to increase this indicator. It is estimated that most companies are around 60%, while the best managed and organized companies can have OEE as high as 85%. OEE systems can be integrated with others, for example application performance systems.

Performance monitoring software – what are the benefits of using it?

Performance monitoring solution has many advantages that make companies decide to implement it. First of all, it allows collecting data in real time, thanks to which it is possible to react immediately to all errors. Moreover, it gives the possibility to think out of the box thanks to the knowledge resulting from the data analysis. Performance monitoring allows you to increase the performance of machines and equipment, and thus improve productivity and application performance and user experience. Definitely worth checking out the details of this modern solution.

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