Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think?

Comparium is your one-stop destination for cross-browser website testing on widely used platforms like Windows, macOS and Linux. This is especially true in today’s digital age as web page performance and reliability plays a big role in enticing prospective buyers and clients for making a business both successful and popular at short notice. 

Comparium review

Importance of Comparium Web Testing Tool

Web developers and designers are now contemplating new ways to optimise the client website with cross-browser web testing for analysing the stability and behaviour patterns of any given web page across popular OS (Windows, macOS and Linux) and browser platforms (Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome).

The stability and resilience of any website can be determined by the Comparium compatibility test, which also checks for broken links and unoptimised coding that could lead to redundant server errors.

Features of Comparium – Cross-Browser Web Testing Tool

Comparium helps you to do a quick review of the website on multiple platforms through a single test via simulation software. Such a feat will save your precious time and effort that can be used for other productive work.

Although cross-browser test can be done manually by checking each version of browser against all available OS platforms, it is a highly tedious and redundant job. Such repetitive task could often lead to unforeseen human error due to the complexity of the number of manual trials required to complete the job.

Comparium replaces the mundane number of steps with a simple click with an automated test procedure. This test can run offline and hence save your precious time and bandwidth as you no longer have to babysit the process.

One can test infinite number of websites with limitless iterations for free. The tool itself is universally compatible with the latest OS and browser versions in the market. That makes your life a bit easy as you won’t run into the hassles of finding a different tool for each new platform or a recently updated browser.

You can also get the screen-grab reports to be personally emailed to the designated person as the report is generated offline and does not require you to babysit the process until the testing is done.

The screenshots portraying your web-page design will help you identify browser related technical problems or incompatibility issues with certain versions through a simple test in just 2 minutes.

For the uninitiated, here is the official list of supported browsers with the Comparium cross-browser web testing tool: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0.

Future Development of Comparium Application 

Comparium promises a bright future for web designers and developers as it will enable them to run their selenium scripts to verify a multitude of new functionalities on their platforms.

Offline scheduled testing is another game-changing feature that will debut with Comparium in its upcoming iterations. Besides, starting with version 2.5, Comparium is expected to add support for real-time web testing on any operating system of your choice, using a virtual machine.

Gain real-time knowledge about how your website behaves when users from different cross platforms try their luck with this tool in the near future. An API access is also on the cards as Comparium is destined to become a universally acceptable cross-browser web-testing tool soon. 

How It Works?

Just navigate to Comparium’s official website and enter the client’s web URL in the designated field, choose any browser and operating system of your choice, or select all of them in one go and hit the Test button.

Once the testing completes, the results are populated on a new page wherein you will see a list of screenshots arranged in rows. Server errors and unsupported configurations are clearly marked in grey to help you identify the limitations with certain OS and browser configurations.

How We Tested?

We ran three individual tests on MakeMyTrip, Flipkart, and Amazon India to identify their compatibility issues across various operating systems (OS) and browser platforms.

Comparium App Test Results


Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 1

Our first test on makemytrip website yielded mixed results as the latest versions of Windows 7 and Linux (running Safari) were unsupported. 

Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 2

An incompatibility issue was also reported with Opera v58 on both MacOS and Windows 7 platforms. Besides, server errors were reported with Chrome v75 of Windows 7 and Linux as well as Chrome v77 on MacOS platform.

On the brighter side, the following configurations completed the Comparium web test with flying colours: MacOS latest version with Safari, Firefox v68 on Windows 7 and Linux, and Opera v60 on Linux.


Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 3

Along similar lines, we also tested Flipkart website for any incompatibility issues or broken links. We found that the following configurations were unsupported or incompatible with the website’s hard-coded design: Latest version of Safari on Windows, latest version of Safari on Linux, and Opera v58 on Windows and MacOS platforms.

Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 4

On the flip side, there was no server errors reported while testing the Flipkart website.

The following OS and browser configurations cleared the web test on Flipkart without any hassles: Chrome v77 on macOS, Chrome v75 on Windows and Linux, Firefox v68 on Windows/Linux and macOS Dark, Safari latest version on macOS and finally Opera v60 on Linux. 

Amazon India

Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 5

Amazon India also showed great resilience and stability with zero server errors like Flipkart during the web test.

Comparium App Review: Web-Testing Made Simpler Than You Think? 6

The leading ecommerce portal has passed the test with a handful of OS and browser configurations as listed below:

 Chrome v75 on Windows and Linux, Firefox v61 and Chrome v77 on macOS, Firefox v68 on Windows/Linux and macOS Dark, Opera v60 on Linux as well as Safari latest version on macOS.

However, there were a handful of incompatible or unsupported configurations reported during the test. You can find the incompatibility list as follows: Safari latest version on Windows and Linux, and Opera v58 on macOS and Windows.

Comparium App


  • Lightweight and compact web-page monitoring and analysis app that can be run on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Supports parallel, simulated runs on multiple operating systems including Windows 7, macOS and Linux
  • Supports simultaneous web page testing on multiple browser platforms including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Final test results seen in the screenshots depict the individual web page being tested, which helps us identify the incompatible versions of the OS and browser platforms with that particular web page.
  • Comparium helps improve the accuracy of the site by highlighting the errors with certain operating system and browser configurations with detailed results after the test.
  • Automated test screenshot is emailed to the designated recipient soon after the test completes. There is no need to babysit the entire process and thus saves your precious time and increases productivity.


  • It doesn’t support lengthy URL formats as it accepts only shorter URLs. You will need to shorten lengthy URLs using bitly, before you run the Comparium app test on your web pages.
  • No support for testing Windows 10 and Android operating systems yet.


Comparium is a revolutionary product that could soon turn into a paid service as the demand for its services will increase over time. The idea of offering this app for free is to measure its market value through user feedback and then revamp its functionalities according to the market needs. 

Once the new upgrades are launched, we might actually see various trial and Pro versions of Comparium for Home/Personal and Commercial use.

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