The Chromebook Is No Toy, But It’s A Great Gift

The holidays may be over, but there’s still a lot of opportunities to give or get a particularly cool gift. After all, there are gift cards, gift certificates, and money stashed in cards to be spent! Can’t let those resources simply sit by and languish, can we?

Have you ever considered buying a Chromebook? In these days when everyone is online and looking for better ways to get Web access without paying too much, when electronics are getting increasingly sophisticated and versatile, a Chromebook may be just the thing for someone whose needs aren’t very elaborate.

Chromebooks are the perfect bit of tech for the casual Web user, or for kids

Let’s take a look at what a Chromebook is, and then why it makes an ideal gift, either for yourself or someone close to you.

What’s A Chromebook Anyway?
A Chromebook is a lightweight, no-frills laptop that features somewhere between 16 and 32GB of hard disk storage, an 11.6-inch screen, and six hours of battery life, more or less. Chromebooks have their own operating system known as Chrome OS, which does have some similarities to both PC and Mac operating systems. Chromebooks use Google Drive online cloud storage to handle large files, as opposed to having significant storage space in-system.

So, who would want one? Glad you asked…

People On A Budget
Although you can certainly purchase one in the mid-two hundred to three hundred dollar price range, the most attractive thing about the Chromebook is the fact that you can get one for just under two hundred dollars. That’s cheaper than many smart phones out there!

Those more expensive Chromebook models are the ones that come with extra features, such as a larger display or faster processor, but all in all, the basic model is just fine for most needs and the price can’t be beat.

People Who Just Want To Go Online
While a smart phone or a tablet will certainly grant anyone access to the Internet, sometimes you just want to have an actual keyboard when you’re online. It’s certainly easier to type with a real keyboard! But in order to have convenient Internet access as well as a keyboard, you need to have a computer, and those are a pricey investment.

We’ve already touched upon the fact that Chromebooks are cheap. The Chromebook is also a good platform for people whose needs are rather simple and straightforward. It’s the perfect system for someone who just wants to access the Internet, check e-mail, watch videos, and do stuff on social media.

Kids Who Are Ready For Their First Computer
The Chromebook’s lack of complexity makes it a perfect first system for kids, while steering them clear of things like tablets and expensive smart phones. And while parents have a justifiable concern about their children having access to the Internet, the Chromebook has that covered.

Parents can make supervised accounts which will monitor and limit online activity. Parental controls can be set up to deny certain sites to children, and in addition, stop adult content results from coming up on searches that kids conduct.

But Not A Gadget For Geeks
The Chromebook has its share of critics and techno-snobs. After all, this is not a powerhouse for turbo-geeks to accomplish feats of wizardry with. If you want to know more about what the Chromebooks are all about, read the article “Google’s Chromebook (Pros and Cons)”. But the short version is, a Chromebook amounts to a stripped down, reliable, inexpensive little system that gives the casual user the ability to do everyday simple tasks.

But sometimes, that’s all you need for a killer tech gadget that anyone would love to get their hands on. Come to think of it, a Chromebook would also make a pretty nifty birthday present.

Byline: John Terra has been a freelance writer since 1985. He wishes Chromebooks were around a few years ago.
The Chromebook Is No Toy, But It's A Great Gift 1

The Chromebook Is No Toy, But It's A Great Gift 3
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