Capgemini & Ericsson To Strengthen Partnership to Allow Industry Innovation, Implementation of 5G Technology In India

Capgemini recently announced that it has reinforced its partnership with Ericsson in order to speed the implementation of 5G services, solutions and 5g technology, which are a crucial element of Intelligent Industries. Capgemini has introduced Ericsson’s 5G (standalone) Industry Connect solution at its 5G Lab in Mumbai as the continuation of their continued partnership to allow industry innovation, testing, and implementation of 5G and Edge technologies for customers across domains across India.

capgemini and ericsson 5g

Capgemini is a world pioneer in collaborating with businesses to change and operate their activities via the use of tech. Every day, the Team is driven by its mission of releasing human potential via innovation for a more integrated and equitable tomorrow. It is a competent and diversified corporation with 270,000 team members spread across over 50 nations. Capgemini is respected by its clients to meet the full range of their business demands, from planning and development to management, fuelled by the rapidly changing and inventive worlds of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and interfaces.

As 5G brings a jump in internet and connectivity, service automation, and services across all industries, Capgemini’s 5G Labs for Industry sectors are designed to assist enterprises from all sectors in pivoting their company towards Intelligent Industry.

5G Technology

5g testing

The Lab’s interdisciplinary team of specialists will follow and support enterprises as they explore the newest use cases, get fresh views on how 5G is revolutionizing their sector, and assist them in building, monetizing, and strategizing what 5G will bring next for their organization.

Ericsson‘s Industry Connect solution has been installed at the 5G Lab. Ericsson Industry Connect is a plug and use, already packaged and integrated dedicated network offering that includes pre-selected Ericsson elements. This solution is suitable for industrial clients that want a totally private setup for restricted coverage regions, such as in production or storage. The 5G Lab will allow organisations from several industrial sectors such as health, safety, and production to test out 5G use scenarios that may be utilised by the field.

Capgemini’s 5G Lab in Mumbai, which spans 1300 square feet, is a cutting-edge centre that provides an efficient and supportive atmosphere by using advanced technology on network, cloud, edge computing, hardware, and software tools in accordance with local legislation. Through these 3 major products, the Lab will assist Capgemini’s worldwide clients with their 5G end-to-end transition:

  • 5G and Edge ideation accelerator programme for 5G immersion and opportunity framing
  • 5G & Edge use case acceleration platform for implementing commercial use cases on a ready-made infrastructure
  • 5G & Edge Fab Lab will establish capabilities to run a tailor-made 5G Lab.

“The Capgemini 5G Lab offers a “ready to use” platform for our customers to ideate, innovate, and deploy use cases as they adopt new technologies, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation journey towards Intelligent Industry,” said Ashwin Yardi, Chief Executive Officer – India at Capgemini and member of the Group Executive Committee. This 5G lab will serve our worldwide clients and cater to four major industry categories, namely Smart Factory, Smart Utilities, Smart City, and Smart Retail, in order to increase the relevance of the Lab’s use cases in the multisectoral paradigm.”


“Industry Connect is a safe, easy to instal, and easy to operate turnkey Industry 4.0 solution that provides 4G LTE as well as the newest 5G standalone cellular technology,”

said Nadine Allen, Head of Enterprise Business, Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania, and India.

We are excited to work with Capgemini to establish this 5G Lab in India to evaluate possible 5G use cases for business as India prepares to deploy 5G.”

Capgemini has a robust asset base of use scenarios across sectors, and the 5G Lab provides live demos for some of those and several others that are currently being developed with worldwide clients.

Also Capgemini to join hands with India to donate Rupees 50 crore for setting up healthcare facilities

These are some examples:

AIV stands for Autonomous Intralogistics.

AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle) with tailored Autonomous Intralogistics and a software solution provided via 5G network and distributed intelligence accomplished through cloud-edge architecture. This aids in real-time judgments, allowing the vehicle to travel independently and arrive at the desired place while dynamically re-routing itself when encountered with barriers. These solutions may be used in a variety of industries, including smart manufacturing, smart retail, and smart cities.

Smart Health

A real-time tv-ultrasound technology powered by a 5G network and artificial intelligence (AI) that conducts preliminary diagnostic for remote medical help. This equips primary care clinics with the platform capabilities to maximise patient health checks while providing a variety of remote healthcare advantages.

Worker Safety Through Smart Surveillance

A real-time surveillance solution powered by 5G/Edge that performs intelligent monitoring and analysis to track and report security breaches, deaths, and other safety problems to the factory command and control centre through dashboards and real-time alerts. Smart industries and smart buildings can benefit from such technologies.

Smart Retail

A 5G-enabled augmented reality platform that allows shoppers to virtually evaluate things before making a purchase decision. These solutions may be used in a variety of industries, including fashion, retail, education, media, and telemedicine.

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