Blue Star Has Launched A Range Of Products To Combat COVID-19

Bluestar, a specialist in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing products in the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration industry, has launched a series of devices that come with Virus Deactivation Technology(VDT).

What is Virus Deactivation Technology (VDT) 

Virus Deactivation Technologies (VDT) is an innovative technology capable of deactivating viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) with up to 99.9% efficacy.    

B Thiagarajan, Managing Director, Blue Star Limited, adds, “Virus Deactivation Technology provides additional protection against viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), in air-conditioned spaces. Apart from being completely safe for humans, the above technology deploys components that are non-hazardous, eco-friendly, proven, and accepted across the world. The new range of products and solutions, when used while adhering to the safety protocols mandated by the government, will provide additional protection to human beings inside air-conditioned spaces.” 

As a precautionary measure to the prevalent COVID-19 situations, the company is going to mandate VDT as a part of all the new range of solution designs. Though not a substitute for the mandatory precautions suggested by the Government such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, usage of hand sanitizers, and surface hygiene practices, VDT is believed to instill a protection shield and will provide basic air purification against the viruses for all air conditioning applications, be it at homes, ATMs, restaurants, offices, or large commercial spaces like malls, cinema theatres, and airports.

The critical part of VDT constitutes one of the following:

1. ‘Livinguard’ Filter:

‘Livinguard’ filter possesses a positive charge and acts as a powerful magnet, that attracts the negatively charged viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and other microbes, and it completely deactivates the viruses when air passes through this filter. Blue Star is using this Livinguard as a filter for good reasons.

2. UVC Emitters:

Another major component that Blue Star has integrated into its VDT range of solutions is Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI technology. The UVC emitters alter the DNA/RNA of the viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) that are placed in the air conditioning systems and kill them, thus irradiating them altogether. 

Blue Star’s new range of VDT products and solutions include:

Hand-held surface disinfectant wand:

 Blue Star offers solutions that help improve indoor air quality, disinfect air and surfaces, and augment fresh air in large conditioned places be it at home, workplace, or commercial spaces like hospitals and malls, amongst others, thereby preventing the spread of viruses including the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus.

The specialized wands are claimed to be a perfect solution for decontaminating surfaces infected with microbes like bacteria, or viruses. The Hand-held surface disinfectant wand is a fast-acting, portable method of decontaminating tabletops, walls, and other surfaces.

UVC Tower with Ozone generation: 

UVC Tower is augmented by an Ozone generator for full disinfection in difficult-to-reach spaces that moves intelligently and is capable of computing the dosage required to de-activate the harmful microbes. 

Room ACs with Livinguard filter: 

These Room ACs assure to deactivate the viruses in the air that passes through their filters. The filter comes in with a guaranteed long life of at least 3 years and can be maintained clean by washing. The air purification level of PM 2.5 is said to be provided by one of the product variants.

Room ACs with UVGI: 

Retrofitting on existing machines, the viruses in the air are irradiated by exposing them to the UV lamp in this specialized room ACs.

Ducted ACs with Livinguard filter: 

This indoor unit is also functional on the same grounds and kills the viruses that tend to pass from their filters. With retrofitting capabilities, these Ducted ACs also exhibit long life of around 3 years.

Ducted ACs with UVGI: 

These Ducted ACs are indoor units that purify the air with their specialized UVGI solutions. They also can be retrofitted into existing units.

Portable air and surface disinfectant: 

These are the mobile units equipped with multi-patented, high output UVC technology. The entire unit moves on a set of castor wheels and is a portable in-room unit that decontaminates surfaces infested with bacteria or viruses. 

Fresh air ventilation solution:

Fresh air ventilation solutions reduce the intensity of transmission of infection aerosols by dilution of air. Treated Fresh Air Units (TFAs) dilutes the conditioned air with the induction of fresh air. They not only ensure continuous dilution but also prevent contamination from other zones by invoking additional positive pressure in the area. 

Blue Star Has Launched A Range Of Products To Combat COVID-19 1
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