Be Cautious of Facebook Quiz

There is no doubt that Facebook is the worlds best Social Community website which connects thousands of people everyday. It is well known for its privacy, games, apps, groups, quiz and its user friendly  design which has made the facebook invincible. Almost all the users of Facebook are addicted to these services and feel their day vacant without them. Most of the users take quizzes in Facebook and submit their opinions.
But according to the experts taking the Facebook quiz is risky. The popular quizzes in the Facebook such as “What sex and the city character are you?” or “What is your vampire power?” are dangerous according to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), it may affect your privacy including profile information, your religious views, political views, wall posts, photos, notes etc. Not only these two quizzes but any quiz which is developed by third-party should be thoroughly analyzed before participating and answering to them. One must read the “Terms and Conditions” of the quiz in-depth and collect the views of the other users behalf that quiz and then only allow it to access your personal information.
According to the ACLU Facebook should work harder especially in the quiz section so that quiz developer can only see what people want to allow instead of whole profile information. Therefore “Be cautious about Facebook Quiz”!.
Be Cautious of Facebook Quiz 1
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