How to Backup Android to Gmail

We receive hundreds of important messages, multimedia messages and we also keep the call history of important contacts, we assume that the data in our mobile is always safe and neglect to backup our valuable data. But what if the mobile got lost, damaged or stolen? We’ll surely lose all our important SMS, MMS and call logs, so it is better to be cautious about backing up your phone data so that even in case of data loss, you can easily restore it. This post can help you backup Android to your Gmail

If you are searching for free android app to backup SMS, Call Logs and MMS then here comes the great app for you i.e. Backup Android t0 Gmail. Let’s have a look at some good features of this useful android app.

Backup message and call to Email

Features of Backup Message & call to Email Android App

  • You can backup your SMS to your Gmail account and restore them in minutes
  • You can backup your multimedia messages (MMS) to your Gmail and restore when you wish
  • It is also possible to backup your call logs and restore them in case you lose them.
  • Backup Message & call to Email app offers auto backup feature

How do I backup Android SMS, Call Logs and MMS with this app?

Backing up your SMS, call logs and MMS is easy with this android app. First of all make sure whether you have enabled IMAP in your Gmail account. IMAP allows to access Gmail from other clients, to enable IMAP go to Gmail settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP, choose Enable IMAP and click on “save settings”, refer the image.

enable IMAP in gmail

Once this is done-

  1. Install Backup Android Gmail from Google PlayStore
  2. Run the app and click on the Go button to setup gmail account and grant access to app
  3. That’s it, now go to settings pane and choose auto backup if you want the app to backup new messages.

How do I restore my SMS, Call Logs and MMS from my Gmail account?

restore data from app To restore your SMS, Call Logs and MMS from your Gmail account, simply go to Restore tab in the app, choose the items you want to restore and hit the Restore button. Give a try to this free Android app at Google Play.

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