AppsGeyser – Create Android App From Web Content

AppsGeyser – Create Android App From Web Content 1

Google`s Android dominates the mobile platform and is widely used. Android Market is flooded with lots of free/paid apps and act as a hub for Android users. So what are we waiting for ? Creating and publishing Android App to the Android Market for our websites/blog is like a win win situation to the webmasters, and one can imagine when the App touches the millions Android users in the Android Market, loads of traffic and fame and money!! But creating Android App requires intense programming skills and lot of hard work, well it`s not that pesky task now. Try AppsGeyser and your App will be live in Android Market in just a few clicks.

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AppsGeyser is an online service which can convert your web content into an Android App which can be shared and distributed freely among friends and followers. AppsGeyser offers 3 ways to create Android App :


AppsGeyser – Create Android App From Web Content 2

Users need to provide URL of the website/blog and has to work on some settings regarding the look and feel of the Android App and it`s ready to use and distribute. We need no coding skills to do this task. It`s just a simple form filling and your Android App is ready. This method works for those who faint as soon as they are introduced to coding and programming tasks.


By Web Widget Code

AppsGeyser – Create Android App From Web Content 3

This method requires alittle bit knowledge of coding and perhaps a better method to the earlier one when it`s comes to customization of the App according the our needs. Web Widget Code ? It`s the HTML code that is used to run a specific program in the web browser. For example, when we insert a YouTube Video in our post, we embed a little snippet in our code that`s one example of widget code.

By Web Page Content

AppsGeyser – Create Android App From Web Content 4
Generating widget code for different services used on the web page is a cumbersome task, but here`s the alternative i.e. Web Page Content Method which allows you to grab the web page in blocks. Pretty simple way to customize and generate Android App as per the users needs. Select a particular widget and grab it to view the preview and keep on grabbing the essential blocks of the website/blog to complete the Android App.

So these are the three methods which are supported by the AppsGeyser considering different mindsets and attracting large base of users. Now once the Android App is ready, one can download the .apk format and can distribute it among friends and followers, one can also publish it to the Android Market by first creating a publisher account with Google.

Advantages of Using AppsGeyser

  • Instant Android App generation.
  • Better Promotion – Huge traffic, once your App is published in Android Market and other similar resources.
  • Readers can enjoy your website/blog on the Go.
  • Earn money every time someone clicks on your Ads displayed in the App.
  • A better alternative for one who lacks programming skills.

So try AppsGeyser and let the millions of Android users surf your website on the Go. Share your opinion about this online service and feel free to drop your doubts below.



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