Ammyy Admin- Free Remote Desktop Sharing Software with Advanced Features

Introduction to Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is free and secured remote desktop sharing software with advanced features that connects you to remote desktop computer instantly. Ammyy Admin is not only the solution for desktop sharing but it also allows you to manage network computers and servers remotely without any configuration and firewall blocking hassles.

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Unlike many other remote desktop sharing software installation is a lot simple to get Ammyy Admin in your PC, you just need to download an application of 700 KB and you are ready to share your desktop or control others, scroll down to advantages of Ammyy Admin section to know the advanced features of Ammyy Admin more deeply. You can installation screenshots here.
First of all let me describe in what way Ammyy Admin is helpful.

Applications of Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a user friendly multi-task remote system administration tool that-

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  • Eases desktop sharing, it allows you to control remote desktop or share your desktop to others if you need technical assistant or vice versa. It’s inbuilt voice chat and file manager simplifies communication and file sharing.
  • Ammyy Admin is best tool if you are implementing remote office concept in your establishment, it seamlessly connects you to your remote office via internet from any place around the clock.  Once connected you can manage your office computer and work with the documents and files in it or monitor your employees and assign some tasks to them.
  • Ammyy Admin comes handy if you conduct online tutors and presentations. It makes it easy to upload the documents or presentations you have made for the tutor to your participants computer. You can use text and voice chat to communicate to your pupils to clarify their doubts in virtual class.
  • Ammyy Admin even has a feature to manage unattended remote server or PC which lacks in other remote desktop sharing software. Once connected you can log in or log off, switch users or restart remote computer.
  • Ammy Admin is the best solution to manage network computers and servers with no complex NAT configurations and firewall hassles as well.

Advantages of Ammyy Admin

Here are some advantages of Ammyy Admin compared to other free as well as paid remote desktop sharing software available on the web.


  • I’ve used both used Teamviewer and some other similar tools, and some times it just gets stuck if I run some other application in the background. But Ammyy Admin connection speed is highly relible on Internet bandwidth but in case computers are located in one LAN or have external IPs Ammyy automatically establishes direct connection avoiding external public routers what makes performance even faster
  • Ammyy Admin is a reliable and secured solution of desktop sharing that uses the combination of AES and RSA encryption standards to make connection between operator and client PC. It allows connecting remote desktop either by using a password or hardware ID that is the highest extent of security which can’t miss used. Ammyy Admin transmits the data with the encrypted form that can’t be hacked. Unlike other PC remote control software Ammyy Admin lets predefine access permissions for each operator. This means everyone who has access to a certain computer can have different access levels like “full control” or “view only”
  • As we discussed earlier, Ammyy Admin is highly portable app which doesn’t need installation, it is just a 700 KB software that consumes less memory.
  • Ammy admin is free for home users and it is a cost effective solution for business purpose too. It comes up in Starter, Premium and Corporate packages to suite individual needs.
  • You can get the pricing plans from here

  • This software is available in more than 18 languages which makes is more user friendly.

What We Liked in Ammy Admin and Why we Recommend it?

Ammyy Admin is an unrivaled remote administration software for remote assistance, remote office and distant tutoring purposes. We liked its portability and reliability and some other useful features such as even controlling of unattended PCs and servers. Give it a try at

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