This AI Outreach Tool Can Tick All Your Marketing Goals Instantly Without Increasing Costs

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    This AI Outreach Tool Can Tick All Your Marketing Goals Instantly Without Increasing Costs 9
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    In this revolutionizing online world, digital marketing is evolving rapidly. Businesses survive on the sturdy pillars of marketing and reviews/feedback, all that a better outreach tool can get for you. The compliments or even the complaints evaluate a product or service and augment its visibility. Knowing your customers and their requisites form the backbone of any functional system. 

    Ai outreach tool for finding bloggers and journalists

    Presenting your business at the right time to the right audience is the key to success, and that’s what fosters your business. Consider a startup that is just paving the way to brag the attention that it is all about or maybe any business in full shape craving for growth. Either way, you are calling for strong marketing outreach. 

    Pitching all the information about your product or services to some bloggers, journalists, or influencers to promote your business is the smart way to proceed. Yes! I am talking about the PR outreach.  

    It is a proven fact that enthralling entrepreneurs with the best marketing skills, strive hard to receive press outreach, at times. 

    That is why you can completely count on Postbag

    With its most revolutionizing merit-based outreach, Postbag boasts of the finest awareness building and content promotion. Regardless of the product or service that needs promotion, the triumph of marketing outreach dramatically depends on targeting the audience and reaching out to them. 

    Usually, creating a list of potential audiences and their contact details is a tedious and time-consuming process. Wherein, one has to manually perform the web search, build a list of possible web pages to showcase their products, and then figure out people responsible for these web pages. Finally, tracing their email addresses, if possible. Only after this list is established, one would be ready for starting their outreach email campaign. 

    So, as you can derive from the discussion, this whole manual process traditionally claimed lots of time and resources in the form of an assorted set of tools, efficient cost management, etc. 

    With its completely automated process based on AI technology, this outreach tool- Postbag can build your personalized outreach list in minutes. All including extremely targeted web pages with outreach potential. Not only the search, but Postbag conveniently hand over to you a complete contact package with respective owners and their email addresses.

    How do they do it after all?

    Postbag is the most efficient outreach tool that endures on the idea of simplicity. Guided by the 3 step process, Postbag brings an uncomplicated ladder all for you to achieve exponential growth. These steps involve

    1. The search 
    This AI Outreach Tool Can Tick All Your Marketing Goals Instantly Without Increasing Costs 1

    Identifying and making personal contact with the right people served with the most efficient AI induced automated assistance is the patronage of this leading player. You need to introduce your niche with a phrase, and Postbag’s best AI bot does all the work for you. It executes searches through its web index and explores all the news publications, websites, and blogs. They most likely do constitute the articles written by prominent journalists, bloggers, and webmasters about products and services similar to yours. 

    2.Outreach list

    This AI Outreach Tool Can Tick All Your Marketing Goals Instantly Without Increasing Costs 2
    PIC: Outreach Tool

    In addition to the online content that organically promotes your business, the AI bot also tracks the direct owners and their contacts. All the information is scrutinized and presented to you as an interactive outreach list. 

    This is the most time-consuming task in the overall process of outreach, and you can just sit and relax while the AI bot does it for you.

     3. Personalized emails

    An integrated email editor is invoked with this outreach list, which aids in sending personalized emails. By preserving the human touch, the Postbag template engine drastically minimizes the time-to-send. 

     The best feature of the Postbag is its continuous outreach. Yes! With the most reliable web crawls, you can discover the recent updates on outreach opportunities every month. 

    What is in your bag with this outreach tool?

    1. Personalized Outreach list with direct contacts.

     The Postbag AI bot helps you understand the contact tiers in the listed outreach opportunity. Three contact labels, specifically tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 are displayed in the application. The tiers pronounce the availability of direct contacts and their addresses.

    Tier 1 contacts deal with people who directly own the page, in regards to which you’re reaching out. Tier 2 contacts help you reach out in regards to a page for which direct contact was not found. If no direct owners or the sources to direct owners could be found, then the list is labeled as tier 3. Here, tier 3 doesn’t mean that the opportunity has no potential. As against this, quite often tier 3 is marked for better relevant opportunities.

    2.  Integrated Email editor assistance

    Providing an interactive outreach list is not just what the Postbag offers. Along with it, Postbag assists you to send personalized emails, totally aided by the integrated email editor. 

    Access to the integrated email editor is as shown in the figure:

    This AI Outreach Tool Can Tick All Your Marketing Goals Instantly Without Increasing Costs 3

    Thus, Postbag allows you to personally contact your outreach list from your personalized email and thereby, acknowledge the replies, across all your devices.

    3. Marked processing opportunities with this outreach tool

    Maintaining a record of the list of contacts, who are already contacted and to be contacted is as vital as the whole process. While the outreach campaign is being executed, more and more contacts on the list are being reached. Meanwhile, when the list of contacted people keeps invading, the exact reason for which the connection is made is to be kept a track of.  This avoids multiple communication concerning the same outreach opportunity. A special tracking facility to mark the already processed outreach opportunity from the internal outreach tool list.

    4. Unmatched Opportunities with this outreach tool

    The tier 3 label in the list conveys a list of outreach opportunities that do not exhibit a piece of the direct contact information or any source to the same. Nevertheless, they still stand a chance equivalent to the tier 1 opportunities. Postbag calls this list as unmatched opportunities and guides you through the proven steps to make a connection to the outreach possible.

    5. Continuous Outreach

    The best facility that tops the list of all the entrepreneurs is the continuous outreach that Postbag pledges. Staying on top of the constantly evolving web to discover the new pages that would further promote your business, is Postbag’s commitment that is taken care of by the smart monthly web crawls.

    So, never miss a chance to promote your business through connections and the leading campaigns, all supported in a package with the Postbag.


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