A Ray of Hope in Challenging Times, with Dell Technologies #LifeKaNayaBalance

A girl with a dream – a girl who wishes to become an engineer someday – that’s Sneha! She comes from a humble background and is a class 10 student in Bagiya, a remedial school for the children of underserved societies. 

Dell technology  leveraged for a greater cause.

Like 290.5 million other students worldwide1, she too had to bear the brunt of the current global disruption. The last time she had attended classes in the school was March 16, 2020 – before the countrywide lockdown. This came as utter dismay for her and her parents.   

But all thanks to online education, Sneha, like many others, can still pursue their dreams. This is how technology is enabling education to continue in these trying times. And with efforts from the teachers and some humanitarians, children like Sneha can continue with their education from wherever they are. 

I was very happy to see the recent social media campaign by @DellTechIndia called #LifeKaNayaBalance, in which one of the videos with a CXO touches this subject wonderfully, reflecting how the new way of work has given us all an opportunity to repurpose our lives for something bigger and better. This video of Executive Vice President and CTO at Havells India, Mukul Saxena, highlights how a good Samaritan redefines work-life balance to contribute to a greater purpose. Mukul, who apart from being a corporate ace, is shown taking classes online, helping the kids with mathematics, while coaching and mentoring them.

The video features Mukul in a candid conversation with Shilpa Sonal who heads Bagiya project of The Sanshil Foundation. Bagiya is where Mukul volunteers to teach mathematics. Both Mukul and Shilpa Sonal deep dive into the reformed ways of life and how it has brought out the best in them in recent times. 

Watch the video and realize how the new way of work has enabled us to enhance our productivity from anywhere while we engage in things that we are passionate about – all with the help of technology. 

Also, watch the other videos of the campaign here!

#LikeKaNayaBalance – Dell Technologies reconceptualizes work-life balance in today’s new world.  

The overall #LifeKaNayaBalance campaign subtly shows the entire Dell Technologies ecosystem of remote work solutions used by the professionals and leaves the message that the right technology, devices and accessories make it all possible. Dell’s portfolio designed for ‘working from anywhere’ brilliantly highlights through this campaign how the organization is enabling people to embrace #LifeKaNayaBalance – a new balance in the new world, where everyone can stay connected, flexible, productive and passionate. 

You can check out the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and also take part in an interesting contest that’s going on the social platforms. This campaign will help you realize how you too can balance your profession and passion with the help of the right technology.

Know more about the Dell Technologies ecosystem of remote work portfolio 

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A Ray of Hope in Challenging Times, with Dell Technologies #LifeKaNayaBalance 1
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