90 Seconds Video VS 60 Seconds Video. Which Is Better for Explainer Videos?

Probably nobody doubts that videos have an awesome power in engaging audiences and promoting. But within the boosting of this tool, there have been lots of debates regarding the length of the videos.

explainer video 60 seconds vs 90 seconds

When it comes to explaining videos marketers and customers compare 30-second, 60-second, and 90-second video efficiency. Among the main arguments, adherents of the shorter videos bring up the facts that nowadays people generally are tired of the redundancy of the info and prefer brief promos. They say that the attention span diminished dramatically and reached 8.25 seconds.  It means that generally, you have these few seconds to attract the viewers’ attention and that you need to work hard and create something special to hold that attention till the very end of the explainer video.

explainer videos

Hence, they urge producing shorter videos. Meanwhile, the supporters of the longer videos believe that a 90-second video allows disclosing values of the product or service better explaining each feature with details.

Yet, the observers usually forget that this tool can serve a list of purposes, and videos of different lengths have their specific advantages.  Moreover, the length to be used depends on the wide spectrum of factors, like

— What is the main purpose of a video — to inform, to remind, to promote a brand, to present a new product, to teach something, or to explain how something works.

— The channel o the communication you are going to use, social media, YouTube, website, etc

— The stage of your relationship with the viewers — the audience knows nothing about you or there are already followers and connoisseurs of your brand.

Set a Goal

Setting a goal is the first stage of explaining video production. What will your explainer serve for? As we have mentioned, such videos generally serve for multi-tasks simultaneously. E.g., when you launch this tool for enhancing the selling of a precise product, then your video simultaneously serves to remind people about your company and to promote your brand. But, some purposes are main and some are secondary. So, set your main purpose.

Besides setting the purpose it is necessary to consider the context of interacting with the audience. If it is about advertisement — 60 and 90 seconds video would do great and if it’s about presentation during the exposition, then use the shortest variant.

Contreposing 60-second explainer and 90-second explainer

The first ones are great in attracting and the second ones — in presenting details

The first ones obviously can cover fewer points than the second ones.

60-seconds are better for Social Media and Advertisement while the 90-seconds are great for all these aims and are more efficient for Sales Meetings.

Though, as long as the latest studies show that the so-called sweet spot of viewer retention has been detected somewhere at the region of 60-90 seconds, both time length variants can be employed in your marketing campaign.

Useful data analyses

Some experts computed the best length for the different aims.

  • To solve tutorial tasks, the optimum length is 45-90 seconds
  • The best length for creative commercials of a different kind is 15-59 seconds
  • For efficient crowdfunding the length is recommended to be in the region of 150 seconds
  • And try to keep a fairway of 60-119 seconds for the testimonial videos.

Find more details regarding this tool on the web page https://explain.ninja/90-seconds-video/

Summing up

There is no victor and loser in the battle. 60 second explainer versus 90 second explainer videos  Both can be effective. And the role of creativeness and pitch in this efficiency is difficult to overestimate.

Of course, audience research should be done ahead.

That will help you much to detect the type of content people enjoy the most and use it. 

There is no unified solution in marketing as no unified standard of explaining video. In each case, there should be considered all the factors mentioned previously and some more, like the firm niche, type of the animation you choose, which stage of the sales funnel the video is created for, etc.

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