7 Essential Tools for Android App Development

Being an app developer means that you have to keep on top of all of the latest development tools that are available. The app market is surging, and missing out on a new tool that can give you an edge, even a small one, may mean the difference between setting the trend and being behind the curve. From business security to mobile games, there are tools out there to help you stay current and competitive in today’s accelerating market. Whether you’re looking to make the next Angry Birds, or a big app for a company like Pro-Vigil, you can do it. Let’s take a look at seven of those tools now.

7 Essential Tools for Android App

AppGyver’s Supersonic

Supersonic is AppGuyver’s solution for developing hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid apps are built with a combination of web technologies that are then hosted inside a native application that utilizes WebView, combining the best of browser-based and native app abilities. Supersonic is a UI based development tool that simplifies the hybrid app development process, presenting all the necessary information in an accessible GUI. It is fast, covers all your bases, and is incredibly easy to learn. If you’re looking to develop a hybrid app, this is where you want to start.

Intel XDK

This is Intel’s foray into HTML5 development. It’s a Chrome extension that brings together a very capable editor and an indescribably useful simulator for testing projects right there in the browser. Most of what XDK does is already built into Chrome, but Intel has streamlined the process completely, making editing and debugging hassle-free.


Appscend is a cloud-based app development tool. It utilizes an XML markup language and PHP, and brings the time intuitive properties of template-based design systems and the high accessibility of cloud based CMS to help you balance your content. Appscend also provides shortcuts for pushing your app into the world. You can add in ads directly from the Appscend UI, and upload your app straight to the App Store or Google Play.


Parse is your answer for developing the backend to a good interactive experience without tearing your hair out. It has a set of APIs that can store data and push notifications to your app, and offers you the option to add custom JavaScript to your app’s server-side interaction. Parse takes care of all the dirty work for you, automatically inserting your code into the right place in the data path. Parse also has tools for simplifying interaction with social networks, further easing your burden.


iOS can be restrictive for you if you’re an Android or BlackBerry developer. Tabris can help you bridge the gap. It lets you build native apps in the Java you’re already familiar with, and makes them work in the Objective-C environment of iOS.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a JavaScript development tool that lets you build native apps by stringing together widgets from its toolbox. Titanium comes with code that allows your app to run on all the major devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and HTML5. It’s a powerful tool that can open up many doors for you. Appcelerator also offers useful cloud applications for handling the back-end work for you, look into them.

Corona SDK

Corona is a cross-platform SDK that allows you to create apps that run on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook. This is useful, but Corona has a wild card up its sleeve to make it stand out: a physics engine. If you want to break into the physics-based games market (and challenge the dominance of Angry Birds with your own innovative idea), this tool will make your life a lot easier.

These seven tools, taken together, offer the enterprising app developer a wide array of options for streamlining the development process and improving the quality of their apps. From saving time by automating cumbersome processes, to providing niche tools like physics engines, these tools all offer valuable features that can change the way you develop your apps. Exploit them, and they’ll help you make your mark on the market.

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