6 Benefits of a Multi-Layered Web Security Strategy

With ever-increasing system endpoints, third-party access, and the dynamism of malicious users, it takes more than a single layer to protect your web infrastructure. Modern times call for a multi-layered web security strategy to secure your valuable web assets. Such a holistic approach includes many layers of security strategy, each addressing an endpoint or vulnerability.

6 Benefits of a Multi-Layered Web Security Strategy 1

Fortunately, building a multilayered system isn’t as complicated as it sounds. One can start with the cheapest and easiest, obtaining quality security certificates, and then create depth. This may include adding encryption, firewalls, cryptography and public key management, and so forth. The end game? To prevent, mitigate, or delay attacks and have you one step ahead of your next attacker at all times.

Here are the top six benefits of a multi-layered web security strategy.

1. Difficult to Compromise

The probability of your systems getting invaded decreases with each piece of security you layer in your web infrastructure. One single layer of security—say, physical access control—is unlikely to provide protection on its own. However, there is strength in numbers and having a cocktail of approaches—such as embracing encryption and certificate management—is more effective.

With access control, encryption, and effective public key management, you have a robust layer ready to be embedded in your overall security strategy.

2. Decreases Chances of Downtime

System compromise is the leading cause of downtime after human error, according to GlobeNewswire. Fortunately, you can address cybersecurity and human error with a multi-faceted web security strategy.

For example, a human error by one of your employees may leave a gap for a system intrusion that will eventually result in downtime. By enforcing proper access control, SSL key management, and firewalls as part of your strategy, you reduce the possibility, time, and impact of unplanned downtimes on your system.

3. Proactive Approach 

Embracing a multi-layered security strategy moves you from a reactive security mindset to a proactive approach. The wealth of analytics, reporting, and notification that comes with multi-layered security systems means you can now monitor systems and anticipate attacks. With this data, your systems are better suited to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before they evolve into threats. 

4. Cost Savings

Prevention is not only better than cure but, in most instances, magnitudes cheaper. By spending resources on creating a robust and multi-faceted web security approach, you save the time, energy, and resources wasted in an attack. The average cost of a cyber attack in 2022 is $4.35 million, according to Statista, and it gets worse once you add the impact on customer experience and brand reputation.

Depending on your organization, building an impenetrable and multi-layered defense is always cheaper than paying the ultimate price after a horrific breach.

5. Customer Satisfaction

The customer often gets lost in the cybersecurity discussion. However, the customer has always been at the center of cyber security from the start. A robust web system that never goes or slows down means a better customer experience that puts you at a competitive advantage. Your best bet for such a system is relying on a multi-pronged security approach that reduces the probability of system failure and mitigates one if it happens.

6. Adequate System and Security Backups

The functions and scope of most security systems overlap. For example, both encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) function as access controls to information. If one of these systems is compromised, say the MFA, encryption will act as a backup protecting your information and delaying the damage until you discover and fix this vulnerability. In that case, embracing a multi-layered security system creates essential backups for all your security investments.

There are numerous benefits of employing a multi-layered web security strategy in your business. Don’t wait for disaster to motivate you to start securing your systems today.

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