5 Hottest Startup Hubs in the USA That Are Ideal For Entrepreneurs

There are people who are famous for taking the leap of faith and trying something that others often fear. The world calls them entrepreneurs. And the States, among many other countries, encourages them. However, there are certain cities that are more famous for supporting Startup Hubs in the USA. Or maybe the people who wish to kick start a new business prefer some cities over others.

Startup Hubs in the USA

Some of the essentials that every business needs before beginning are common to almost all ventures. For example, you will have to hunt for an AT&T Near Me service station so that your day-to-day operations do not suffer. Apart from that, you will also need to build connections in order for you to succeed.

Here are some of the Startup Hubs in the USA that you should consider if you are an entrepreneur.

San Francisco

Well, this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that the city is flooded with start-ups and entrepreneurs. I say that because it is adjacent to Silicon Valley. While this isn’t a considerable enough factor for many, it is quite significant according to me. Amongst these entrepreneurs, the majority of the individuals have a tech-based background. The growth rate for the startups in this city is an amazing 106.9%. Seems like the people aren’t coming slow any time soon. They just keep growing.

Hence, the money that the people of San Francisco make. Apart from business and money, the city is also famous for the art, culture and the kind of lifestyle that it supports. However, it is an expensive city to live in. From apartment rent to the phone bills, everything will cost you a lot. Perhaps your only escape would be taking to a rep by dialing the AT&T Phone number. That does not sound appealing at all. Moral of the story:  if you do not have enough wage to live in the city comfortably, better skip the idea.


Another city that is a great place for entrepreneurs, is Minneapolis. The start-up growth of this city is even greater than San Francisco (121.3%). This is one of the highest rates that any city in the States has to offer. Another reason to consider the city includes the fact that the cost of living in Minneapolis is low. In contrast to that, the wage of tech-related people is double that of the average state wage. If this isn’t reason enough to consider the city, I don’t know what is.

San Jose

This city has a list of factors that make it a candidate to be considered by the entrepreneurs including:

  • College degrees
  • Youth
  • Start-up growth rate

However, the fact that the tech people already residing in the city have over-crowded it is a considerable enough factor as well. Not to forget that it is a very expensive city to live in as well.


Cincinnati is already home to some of the great start-ups including Tilr and Lisnr. The founder of the latter, himself agrees that this city is a place where you can reach out to every top investor there is in the community.

Because the biggest source of funding in this city is accessing the investors. In case you fail to do so, your start-up might not get the success or hype it otherwise would. But this should not scare you because the investors’ community in the city is not as big as in the Silicon Valley or New York City.

You will not find it hard to reach some of the popular investors. Moreover, Cincinnati happens to be one of the top 15 cities in the States that attracts Millennials. I guess it’s time you said goodbye to your hometown!


Boston has long been voted as one of the tops cities of States with a huge amount of startups. According to the statistics stated in TechCrunch, the venture investment in the city hit a whopping $5.2 Billion in 2018. The city also invested in Innovation District that is rumored to become the house of entrepreneurs and startups. In case you are worried about the cost of living, don’t.

Because Boston is becoming a more affordable place to live in as the rents have been dropping. Famous for being the fifth most livable city in America, Boston should be on your list in case you are considering to kick start your own business.

The list of all the cities that are best suited for entrepreneurs does not exhaust here. The options are unlimited. You have a buffet of choices. But you have to make the choice accordingly. Just like you put your favorite food in the plate at buffet keeping your mood in mind. This is exactly how you need to shortlist a city, opting for the one that is favorable for your venture in all aspects.

5 Hottest Startup Hubs in the USA That Are Ideal For Entrepreneurs 1
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