4 Ways New Digital Tech Has Impacted Modern Media

There is no doubt that all sorts of different areas of public life have been impacted in a big way by tech. You can certainly put the media front and centre on this particular list. However, in terms of the specific impacts that have been had, you may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is that has changed. This is what the following blog post is going to be looking at in a higher level of detail.

4 Ways New Digital Tech Has Impacted Modern Media 1

1. Decline of Print Media 

First of all, with the widespread emergence of the internet and its accessibility, this has inevitably lead to a situation in which the traditional print media has declined in a big way. Ultimately, this also means that many of the major news agencies have struggled to get people to pay for content on a regular basis. One way in which they have attempted to circumnavigate this particular problem is by putting up paywalls and getting people on a subscription model. 

2. Rise of Amateur Content 

The fact that anyone can be a content creator in the modern world has led to a situation in which more and more people are looking to alternative sources of news. Of course, this can lead to all sorts of challenges based on the fact that not all of this content has the potential to be verified. Therefore, there is certainly a spread in terms of the power of what can be put out into the world, but this comes with its own individual set of challenges at the same time. 

3. 24-Hour Rolling News 

Rather than just having news at a single point in the day, there is no doubt that there has been a greater and greater level of demand present in terms of 24-hour rolling news and the accessibility of the major news apps. This means that people do not have to only consume their news at specified times of the day. Instead, they have the option of getting their hands on it as and when they would like to, which obviously represents a major change in so many different ways. 

4. Tech Setting the News Agenda 

In so many different ways, there is the sense that tech is very much setting exactly what is going on in terms of the news agenda. For example, we have a great deal of news out there about the major tech companies. Not only this, but any advances in tech are met with a huge amount of coverage. At the same time, people are looking more and more at answering key questions such as ‘what is NFT’ via the news. 

These are just a few of the noticeable ways in which digital tech has been having an impact on the modern media market. Of course, we are still very much in the early stages and there is no doubt that the changes are going to keep on coming thick and fast in the future.

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