3 Ways Social Media Is Encouraging Call Centers to Get Their Act Together

In today’s day and age, nearly everyone is sharing information online. There are numerous social media platforms where millions of people engage with each other daily. Studies show 68 percent of US adults use Facebook regularly.

Regardless of whether you want to look up an old high school friend or do research on a business, you’ll likely turn to social medial to do so. This is one of the many reasons why call centers need to be extremely mindful of the power of social media and how it can affect their business.

3 Ways Social Media Is Encouraging Call Centers to Get Their Act Together 1

Getting a bad reputation

One thing that can allow a company to flourish financially is word of mouth. Having customers who either sing your praises or degrade your business can make a huge difference in your profit margin. You’ll want to always work towards having happy customers.

It’s easy for an irate customer to turn to social media to express bad feelings toward any company. This is the last thing a business owner wants to see when checking a professional social media page. After all, most people look up businesses online before patronizing them, and having a very bad reputation online can take its toll on your company.

The most effective way to do this is by always taking good care of your customers and addressing every concern that arises. You can do this by utilizing call centre software to help your callers get in touch with the right representatives faster 

Allowing competitors to advertise for free

The market may be flooded with other businesses which offer the same product or service that you do. This means you may have to work extra hard to prevent your customers from going elsewhere when they make a purchase.

The costs of marketing can be costly, but due to the vast traffic that social media gets, it’s a widely used resource for advertising. You may find that you need to spend more time on your marketing efforts to ensure your business is more widely seen.

Obtaining new and loyal customers

The key to having a successful business will rest in getting new customers and keeping them. Offering excellent service can make a significant difference in how quickly your business grows.

Studies show 90 percent of Americans will consider past customer service experiences when deciding whether to do business with a company or not. Getting positive reviews on your professional social media page or account can allow you to gain more customers.

Many of these reviewers may become extremely loyal to you if they’re pleased, and may turn out to be some of your best clientele. Of course, you may need to ask for customer reviews to obtain this pertinent and helpful information. It’s a great idea to offer a discount for a future purchase in exchange for a positive review if the customer is satisfied with the transaction.

The most important thing you want to remember is that providing good service to all of the people that purchase from you is vital. Putting a positive spin on your social media activity is the best way to get results you want and need for the growth of your company. The things you do each day can either help or hurt your professional social media presence in a wide variety of ways.

3 Ways Social Media Is Encouraging Call Centers to Get Their Act Together 3
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