16 Smart Ways You Can Communicate and Engage with your Customers

There is always a heavy focus placed on acquiring customers, and how to get that next big client in – however, there should be an equal (or possibly larger) focus placed on retaining them. What will give you a solid reputation, is being known as a business who communicates with their clients and involve them in their culture and keep them abreast of what’s going on in your business.  Here we have listed some ways you can communicate and engage with your customers.


Keep Being Social

By keep being social, we mean using social media to your advantage. The reality is people are spending a lot more time online these days and use social media mediums to not only keep up to speed with friends and family but suppliers and activities of interest too.  By updating your social media channels on a regular basis, you can keep connected with your clients on ne of the channels they access the most.  You can use the likes of Facebook and Instagram to post videos, launch new products, and to even stream content where your customers can interact with you live.   You don’t need to necessarily post constantly – but you should regularly let your clients know what you are up to.  

If you have some clients that qualify as VIP’s – then you might want to create a specific Facebook group, as well as your standard fan page.  That way, you can show them that they are valued – and you can give them access to some exclusive content.  These groups can be invite only, and be moderated as you would like.  It also means that you will be building a community base that will be far more likely to engage.

Ask them to Attend Virtual Meetings

If there is one thing that we have learned in 2020 – it is the power of video conferencing tools.  These aren’t only effective in such instances when you can’t be in the same physical location as your client – but it also offers you the opportunity to grow your business internationally where distance would be no object.  Virtual meetings can also be much more effective than a phone call, as there is an element of interactivity that you wouldn’t normally have when speaking over the phone. 

The good thing about virtual meetings on the likes of Zoom is that they offer you the facility to record the meetings as well, that will allow you to create more effective minutes and far more personalised conversations with your clients than you would on a call too.  Keep connected with your clients by doing this on a regular basis.

Send them Reminders that you are Thinking of them

We all like to feel important from time to time, and your clients are no different.  When it’s a special occasion, or event – let them know you are thinking of them by sending them a personalised gift.  This could be anything from a calendar at the beginning of the year, to something a little special when it comes to Christmas or another festive occasion. 

Do you have a big client that is celebrating a birthday? Or perhaps the company is celebrating an anniversary? A nice email, or card can let you know you are thinking of them.   Sometimes the personal touch makes all the difference, and they will remember it.

Send Emails with Company Updates

We are in a world where everyone has Smartphones and tablets and has such has pretty much constant access to emails.  If you aren’t sending out your customers updates via emails you are missing a trick.  You can get some great newsletter ideas on the link, to give you an idea as to what to send out, and how to make them effective.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you are segmenting your data effectively to allow you to personalise the content to certain lists for the best open rate and engagement results.  You can use the likes of HubSpot to do this. Here you can also use funnel pages that are specific to your update or what you are promoting – and again gather as much data as possible. 

There are also great analytical tools which will allow you to decipher which emails where effective.  This will five you the data you need to ensure you are sending the user on content that they are more likely to read.  

Update the Blog on your Website

If you don’t already have a blog on your website – you should definitely get one.  There are multiple benefits for having a blog on your site.  There is the SEO benefit of you continuing to add content to a site.  Search engines reward businesses who are experts in their field and who produce original and unique content.  Here are some handy tools to ensure that your blogs are SEO friendly.  

The other benefit is that it allows you to inform new visitors and existing customers as to what you’ve been up to and build that brand personality that’s incredibly important these days. There is no doubt that millennials are much more likely to make purchases and continue to work with a business or brand who they relate to. If you have attended a conference, or have been working on some internal training, or even if you have a new addition to the team – then make sure you shout about it on your blog to keep people in the loop.  You can also share these on social media and link back to the site to drive more traffic.

If you want to stay connected with your clients and ensure that you are nurturing that relationship – then utilise these tools to do that.  Treat them like friends that you want to grow with, and you are far more likely to have a loyal client base. 

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