Top 6 Superfast Download Managers for Windows You Should Try

Top 6 Superfast Download Managers for Windows You Should Try 1

In case you are one of the web users who uses the in-built download manager which comes alongside the browser then you truly need a time machine and you need to return to the present century. The issue with the browser’s download manager is either the downloading pace drops or the download stays deficient and crashes which is the reason it is significant for one to utilise a download manager. It is constantly recommended to use download manager for downloading documents, files, the content of your interest, as it helps you with better download speed and offers you with various features like planning your downloads, pause or resume your download, and so forth.  

When you use a download manager, you can always run multiple downloads side by side, pause or resume downloading and the download speed is also not affected. This is an ideal switch to make on the longer run even if you are a little skeptical of downloading it. To help you out in choosing the best download manager for your Windows, I have enlisted a bunch of download managers below:

1. JDownloader

Cost: Free : 

It is one of the best software for a Windows PC. JDownloader is absolutely free. Moreover, it is an open source. Apart from other paid download managers which provides you with a free version, these softwares always have ads poping up, however JDownloader doesn’t work like this. It is completely promotion free. The software offers the users with various features like start, stop, pausing or resuming the download, along with the additional features like automatically extract archives, setting bandwidth limits, etc. The most fascinating feature is it allows you to download multiple files and supports download from famous websites like YouTube, Vimeo and others. 

You also have the privilege to add plugins in this download manager to make it even more efficient and power packed. One such example for a plug in is the Scheduler Plugin which enables you to schedule your downloads. Who said only meetings can be scheduled? This is the best way of downloading heavy files when the internet speed is at its maximum bandwidth. The only feature that sets back is the user interface of the software is a little outdated. 

2. Internet Download Manager

Cost: 30 days trial available, INR 860/year :    

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the most renowned downloading managers out there for Windows. The best feature it provides you with is, this software is compatible with almost all the well-known browsers. Moreover, it intercepts all the download links so accurately that it helps in reducing the one extra step of downloading my files. This doesn’t mean that the other download managers don’t do this, its just the fact that this software does it more efficiently. 

Internet Download Manager, also flaunts the basic features like pausing and resuming downloads, enabling multiple downloads simultaneously, downloading the files at a much faster rate, like no one else does. This software features a smart download logic accelerator  which allows file segmentation and multipart downloading safely hence, increasing the download speed. One of my favourite features is if your PC crashes in the middle of downloading a file, you can still resume the download from where it stopped instead of restarting the download. It also supports proxy servers, protocols, redirects, cookies, firewalls, etc. 

3. Ninja Download Manager

Cost: $19/PC : 

Since Ninja Download Manager is new in this segment, the developers have spent a good time on the look of this software. The user interface of this software is very elegant and fits perfectly with the Windows 10 design. It blends perfectly with the overall format of the Windows 10 version. 

The mechanism of it is a bit similar to that of the torrent downloaders. It divides the file into multiple bits and pieces and downloads the file from multiple connections using various servers. Hence, the speed of downloading the file is super fast, the downloading speed also depends on your connection. It also enables simple features like pause or resume the downloads, schedule your downloads, downloading multiple files parallely and many more. This software also allows to preview your downloads before the download is completed. This gives you the privilege to cross check the file’s quality which will help you to decide whether to download the file from the same source or not. NDM is a very handy download manager hence, I would recommend you to use this once. This software is available for Mac users as well. 

4. Free Download Manager

Cost: Free : 

Yet another power packed software available as open source. FDM is another download manager which is very useful for fast downloading as it splits the files into parts and then downloads the files at the same instant. It has the basic features of pausing and resuming the download. This feature functions even when the download gets interrupted or if the PC crashes. The best feature of FDM is it supports torrent files which is a unique feature and proves to be useful at times. Its bandwidth management allows me to surf the internet without any interruption in connected speed. FDM also has a modern look and its design fits perfectly with today’s Windows versions.

FDM also comes with a feature to organize your files and also scheduled downloading of files. When you download a link the possibilities are it is organized even before you start downloading it. All the videos, pictures, games and other files are directly redirected to their allocated folders. The best part is, even though it is free to use it shows no random ads on its screen. Also, this software is very efficient to use.

5. EagleGet

Cost: Free : 

Eagle get is probably the only software I would claim it to be an all-in-one download manager.  It supports various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and enables support for FTP, MMS, RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS protocols. This software features multi-thread technology which enables you to speed up the downloads. It also features the pause and resume feature, multiple file downloads parallely, you can even adjust the priority of downloads, and more.  

One of the best features it sports is the malware detector which is in-built and file integrity verify. Hence, you can download your files without the tension of attracting any malwares or viruses into your pc. However, the software is free to use, you will have to bare with the ads that show up.  

6. Xtreme Download Manager:

Cost: Free : 

Xtreme Download Manager an age old download manager available on the internet for a Windows operating system. XDM is the best tool to download video content as it supports all the major video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Videos, it comes with a support to more than 1000 websites. This doesn’t make this software any biased to the other contents which you want to download. One can use this software to download all types of files. One of the magical feature that it sports is, it is capable of downloading the entire playlist of yours from YouTube. You don’t even have to input the links individually to download each and every song. Magical?! Isn’t it! 

It comes with a support to browsers like Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Google Chrome, Opera, other chrome and firefox based browser, Vivaldi, etc. It has various other features like, smart scheduler, pause and resume download feature, download files parallely, proxy servers support, speed limiter, by managing the allocation of bandwidth and many more features.   

Try out these amazing download managers and let me know which software you liked the most in the comment section below. 

Top 6 Superfast Download Managers for Windows You Should Try 3
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