Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 1

If you think one of your employees is being suspicious and want to know about the hidden intentions of that employee, hacking WhatsApp is the suitable way. Most of the people use WhatsApp because it is free to use over the internet and you can share videos, audio and pictures too.

For getting first-hand information about someone now you don’t have to hire a secret agent. You can use virtual agents to spy on the employees without giving them any idea. There are many types of online spying softwares available but before choosing make sure they are trustworthy and legal. 

In this article you will know about the legal spying apps you can use to hack WhatsApp by just phone number.

Minspy-virtual secret agent:

Minspy is your very own detective to hack WhatsApp by phone number. If your company provides mobile phones to your employees, you can easily keep an eye on the activities of suspicious employees. Minspy is the legal hacking app. It has been endorsed by the good reputed platforms like New York Times, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Mac World, and BuzzFeed.

You can use Minspy to hack WhatsApp without interfering with the software or jailbreaking. You don’t need a deep understanding of technology to use it. 

Features offered by Minspy:

To find out the special features of Minspy check out the Minspy post. With Minspy not just WhatsApp, you can hack the call history, text messages and any social media platform you want. With its keylogger features, you can know about the password of phone and other social media accounts like snapchat, instagram and Facebook.

You can set the certain no go areas and when the target device will enter such areas, you will get a notification. So in short you can virtually be with the target all the time without their knowledge.

Minspy keeps you updated about the browse history and can track the sim location of the device too. It works in the background, hidden from the person just like a skilled detective.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 2

How to use Minspy on android and iPhone devices?

In the case of android there is not a single software available to hack the phone as whole and WhatsApp without installing an app on the target device. You have to install Minspy on the target device. It will take five minutes and once it is done you can hide the app and it will keep on working in the stealth mode without any trace of being installed in the search history. 

Minspy is light in weight and takes little space. It does not heat up the device. You can spy on the target device from anywhere without being in contact with the device. You can uninstall it remotely with just one click when you feel like there is no need to spy anymore.

In case of an iPhone device there is no need to install any app. So you just need to know the iPhone credentials. You will operate from the web browser to track WhatsApp without ever letting them know.

How to track WhatsApp with Minspy? 

You have to follow these few steps to hack WhatsApp on any device. You can hack single or multiple devices with one account.

Step 1: On the official website you have to sign up for an account. Here you will enter your email id and the password to make an account.

Step 2: Now choose the plan which fulfills your requirements. If you want to spy on a single WhatsApp account on a phone, the premium version is suitable for you. If you want to hack multiple accounts then choose the family version. 

Step 3: After signing up is complete you will get an email with all the instructions about using Minspy for hacking the WhatsApp. Now you have to mention which device you want to hack.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 3

 As you already know if the target device is the iPhone there is no need to install any app. Just find out the iCloud credentials of that device and within minutes the Minspy will synchronize the target device with your account.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 4

In the case of android, you have to install the app on the phone. It will not take much time and you will have all you want delivered to you on your dashboard.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 5

Step 4: Now the final step is to go to your Minspy dashboard and have access to all the messages, videos and voice notes the target device is sharing with others.

On the left you can see the selection panel. Here click on the social app and select WhatsApp. Minspy will not put your personal information at any risk. 

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 6


If you want to read the deleted messages on WhatsApp account of your employee spyier is the best option. It provides economical services from any device you are using. With spyier you can have access to only the messages of WhatsApp but also the photos, videos and the contacts they are talking to. It gives you the time duration in which the conversation happened. You can spyier without facing any legal proceedings.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 7


If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, hacking WhatsApp is the best option to confirm this suspicion. WhatsApp is the platform where people mostly share their pictures and wild thoughts. So with spyine you can hack the phone without any rooting or jailbreaking. You deserve to know the truth and on the bright side it may not be the case that she is cheating. The best way to know is to have access to her WhatsApp account and read the messages without making her suspicious of your activities. Spyier operates from a distance and in stealth mode.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 7


Spyic is another top notch spying app you can use if you want to find your lost phone. Yes it is possible to hack the phone if you have lost it. You can use the geo fencing service to get the notification when the target device will be in that zone. You can have all the information about the usage of the device and the sim location.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 9


If you are worried about your children using inter and vamping, you must know about their activities and the people they interact with on the internet. Cocospy is the best distant mobile hacking device. You can use it to spy on the WhatsApp account of your child. It can work on both iPhone and android. It is easy to use and works in completely hidden mode. You can install it within minutes and it will keep on working in the background without draining much battery or taking much space.

Top 5 Hacking WhatsApp Apps by Phone Number You Can Trust 9


Now you can spy on anyone’s phone or tablet without any technical knowledge. Online spying apps do the work for you. With Minspy you can hack WhatsApp without any effort and your children and employees will never find out that you are with them virtually 24/7.

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