Reviewing The Importance of Content

Where search engines are no longer limited to searching for information but have expanded their role in finding relevant information as per the query and providing additional alternatives to the search, the content served even in the Search Engine Result Pages has gained importance.
Content is king in a website

What information you provide on your site and selling pages and how the information is displayed on the SERPs can make a huge difference in getting a visitor to click on the link to the web page and then getting the all important click on the “buy now” button.

To get the visitor to stay on the site you need to ensure that your content is sticky enough? The “stickiness” aspect of a site is its ability to keep users on the site for a sustained period of time. Does this mean that you can stay with the same content that you had a year back. Of course not!

No matter how much content is already on the website, new content is necessary to keep drawing the search bots and visitors back to the site. Every time when a search engine crawl a website, its online presence increases. When the bots are feed with new and original content then search engines also considers the website of being offering innovative content.

Matt Cutts has mentioned, "As we've increased both our size and freshness in recent months, we've naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well. To cater the new challenges, Google has launched a completely redesigned document level classifier that is stricter in its algorithms and make tougher for the spammy content to rank higher in search engine results.

Example of such an act is recently rolled out Google Panda update whose target is to punish the sites with less relevant content and reward the ones with high quality, informative content.

So what is good content?

  • When writing information for the site pages, keep some of these pointers in mind:
  • Keep the user in mind
  • Make sure that the page the visitor lands on is very relevant to the keyword. The page should give additional information focused on the keyword that was searched for.
  • Make sure information on the page provides value. Value would mean if the visitor had typed “unique watches” then the page that the visitor lands on should give information pertaining to “unique watches” and the site should be selling “unique watches”.
  • Keep quality over quantity. It is better to have fewer high-quality pages then lots of low-quality pages.
  • Avoid Duplicating content. Do NOT Copy. If you are using canned content or directly publishing RSS feeds from other websites, content of this sort might be seen as low-quality and result in lower Google returns.
  • Do NOT Over Advertise. Be sure that advertising does not interfere with the content on the page. This is especially important with advertising above the fold and within the text.



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