How Investment Applications Give Helpful Advice

In the financial markets, investment tracking applications and platforms are playing a major role for businesses, investors, and professionals to track their investment portfolios. Developing these kinds of applications is not as easy as it seems, since they need to show real-time accurate data for investors to take action. Technology plays a major role in this. It contributes to making trading accessible for even beginners. In this article, we focus on how applications track the stock market and what you should take into account when choosing a stock market tracker app. 

investment apps

How do applications track stocks?

Stock markets are used for investors to connect and to buy and sell investments. There are major stock market indexes like S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial. Since it is difficult to track every single stock or other investments you have made, indexes only show a section of the stock market. Instead, the performance of the indexes is used as representative for the entire stock market. 

Leveraging APIs

With the growing amount of possible investments, more applications are trying to create a real-time, accurate, and user-friendly stock market tracker. These applications use an application programming interface, also known as API, to query data, parse responses and send the instructions between the software platforms. API allows companies to access some of the stock companies’ services or stock market indexes without having to fully migrate to the company’s ecosystem. An individual can make a basic stock tracker in an Excel sheet. However, other parties do this for you in a more advanced way. 

Three examples of stock tracker apps

We focus on three main trackers in this article: Delta, Sharesight, and Personal Capital. 

  • Delta is specialized in tracking stocks in an accurate and user-friendly way. They developed an application where you can easily manage your portfolio and follow the movements of your investments. The Delta app takes stock tracking to a next level,
    they make it possible to personalise your notifications, see the current price of your stocks, check the latest trends and extra features like connecting to your broker and detailed stock trading analysis are on the way!
  • Sharesight is an investment tracker that automatically tracks the true performance of stocks. They focus on how to easily benchmark your portfolio against the performance of others and include the same features to keep track of all your financial investments and dividends.
  • Personal capital does not only focus on your financial investments but also on your bank accounts and credit card statements. This application creates an all-inclusive overview of not only your investments but also your expenses. They create your risk profile and keep your goal on top of your mind.

Application for stock price alerts and tracking

Technology plays a major role in this. Therefore more and more do you see applications that not only focus on trading and exchanging, but focus on managing your investment portfolio. 

  • helps with the integration of real-time data from various sources (like Bloomberg) across stocks, currencies, ETFs, and bonds to create a consolidated view of the latest market insights. Delta has a close collaboration with… serving 115 countries. 

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