Flipkart Kirana Partners Register Growth Of Average Monthly Delivery Incomes by 30%

Flipkart online has recently updated that they are successful in making an increment in the average monthly delivery incomes of kirana partners by almost 30% in this pandemic. With this testimony, Flipkart online has proved its allegiance to its retailer partner. They have even promised that they will create a new pathway through technology to strengthen the average monthly income.

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Flipkart Group is one of the largest growing e-commerce firms established in 2007, consisting of small platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, and Flipkart online Wholesales. This firm has empowered small businesses, retailers, merchants, consumers to be a part of this great digital uprising. The all-new launch of this Flipkart Wholesale has played a huge role in this pandemic by speeding up the growth of the retailers and MSMEs present in India.

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The Flipkart online has also mentioned that the monthly salary of the retailer present in South India has increased to a large extent and then the following cities from East, West, and North India. The highest elevation in the salary of the kirana partners was reported in Hyderabad followed by Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai. This retailing scheme conducted by the Flipkart online firm has helped them to stay stable in their field even in this COVID-19 crisis.

The main agenda of the program, which was initiated in 2019, was to expand its approach to a vast extent by reaching out to Tier2 and Tier 3 cities. This extra source of income has supported the kirana partner to reserve some amount of the money for their children’s education and also to fulfill the essential needs of their families. Other than that they also wanted to reach out to the retailers and collaborate with them so that they can jointly provide their service to the customers. The company is also well capable of making contact with millions of retailers residing in nine different cities across the country via their special service name Flipkart shopping Wholesale’s Best Price cash and carry business.

The retailers are provided with an extensive variety of commodities at a very reasonable price. Along with this they also get the privilege of making delivery of the products to the customers at doorstep followed by successful and suitable payment options. Under this scheme, everything from transportation to logistics was managed very efficiently by successive collaboration with the suppliers so that the customers don’t face any problem while ordering and receiving the products during the lockdown.


The most convenient payment methods available are Cash On Delivery, Payment via Debit and Credit Card, No Cost EMI. They also have made available the option of easy return of the products if it was not delivered by them accurately. The Flipkart online shopping Group in collaboration with Myntra holds a standard position in the fashion industry and it is doing the same with the Flipkart online shopping Wholesale business by upgrading the mode of business via technology.

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Rajneesh Kumar, Senior Vice-President and Chief Corporate Affairs Office at Flipkart, said, “The Flipkart online shopping Group is committed to the development of Kiranas across the country through innovative partnerships to augment their incomes and equip them digitally. As one of the oldest and most trusted forms of retail in the county, kiranas are an essential part of the retail ecosystem in India and we, as a homegrown organization, have been engaging with them in various ways to re-position and re-invent them as convenience stores from an e-commerce perspective. Doorstep deliveries to customers have been one of the most successful kirana programs, and it gives me immense pleasure to witness the growth and prosperity it is creating for our kirana partners.”

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