Exclusive Preview Of The Upcoming New Digg Interface

Last year Digg launched their new design and this year again Digg is planning something new which seems to be a much enhanced look than the previous one. Me and one of a handful of social media users to be chosen to test the new Digg Version. So I'm putting together an in-depth overview of the new Digg preview, with exclusive screenshots. The new design is very user friendly and faster and cleaner.  So here is the new Digg preview.

digg.com new look 2011 preview
Click on the image for full view.

As you can see, the navigation is slimmer, sidebar has been positioned on the right-hand side of the page and submissions now moved to left. Search field has disappeared but still alive with JQuery effect and the new is a 2 column design which looks cleaner than the current 3 column design which is a little congested too. Most importantly Digg submissions have a light-box effect when you submit a link and its much faster than the current one.

You can login to your Digg account to see if you are allowed to checkout the new Digg. It would appear like this if you are selected to checkout the preview.

Navigation Menu

Navigation menu has become lighter, text size is now smaller and following/followers link is no more.

new digg navigation bar
Click on the image for full view.

Search field.

New and advanced search field. In the below picture

new digg design preview 2011New Digg Submission

Submission is much faster and easier with a light-box style popup effect. And picture selection for the submission is much easier because you get the thumbnails from your page in the slide on the right.

New digg submission in the new Digg preview 2011

Profile page

Since the new design is 2 column, things here have changed a lot. Profile picture is smaller and submission and followers details have moved to the right sidebar.

new digg preview profile page

Upcoming Diggs page.

Topics categories have moved under the navigation and its now much faster than before and hover drop down style is added.

upcoming diggs page in new digg preview

The new design is surely much better, lighter and faster than the current one. This is still under development I guess and lets hope that this new interface should be available to all soon. You can visit my Digg profile page here and follow me for more updates.

Do drop your comments about the new digg interface and did you get access to preview the new digg interface if yes, do let us know your opinion ?