Easy and Free transfer of information between devices via ALT-C

Remember the days when we used to have one television and everybody used to gather around and spend that time together. Now, that things have changed and we have multiple screen to ourselves, our computer system, tablet and the most important, our mobile, we have found something that takes a little step in keeping us connected without any physical medium, an application that allows us to pass information easily from one device to other without saving any data such as contact or without any link sharing. The name is ALT-C.

It’s very natural to come across any piece of information on your system and feel the urge to access that very same information on your mobile or tablet. At times there is some text that we feel like sharing with a team or just saving it in some other mobile device. Alt-c here takes care of that. It provides you with a very minimalistic yet user friendly interface to connect your device. Once the device is connected a person is free to select any piece of information and press the hotkey for alt c to do its work (which by default is alt+c) that information will be automatically transferred to your connected device.


Well depending upon your requirement, it is best suited for:

  • A team working on a project and wants to be connected in some sort of short term and instantaneous message sharing kind of service. 
  • ALT-C saves up a lot of time by directly passing the data to the configured devices and making it easier to access the information that one person finds useful and wants to share with others.
  • This service comes in handy when a you require a piece of information immediately on you mobile.

Let’s say you came across any particular piece of information on your system and you wish to send that info to some other person via any social media app, so instead of starting the web app of that social media service on your system, ALT-C provides you that information instantly on your mobile and now you can forward it.

alt-c image


Some salient features of this application include, passing of data from a system to a mobile device but what’s more astonishing is the pasting feature. 

To Copy text from you system and transfer it to your mobile device:

  1. Simply select the text and press alt + C from your keyboard.
  2. You will receive that particular text on your mobile dashboard.

To Copy text from your mobile device and transfer it to your system:

  1. Simply select the text and copy it from your mobile device.
  2. Once you press the hotkey for pasting the text on your system, which by default is ALT + V, you can receive that copied text from your mobile.

Besides all these super useful features, this application provides us the freedom to modify the hotkeys according to our will. Also, this application provides us the option to add multiple devices which makes it even more useful.

Default copy hotkey: ALT + C

Default paste hotkey: ALT + V

Setting up the application:

The setup is very simple and is as follows:

1. You are required to download the alt-c client on both of your device, that is your system and your mobile

2. The mobile client will then give you a code that must be provided to the system client in order to establish a connection.

3. Once the connection is made, easy copy and transfer of text can happen.

Visit here to download the application: https://altcopy.net/

alt-c connected devices


  1. Free of cost
  2. No special form of connection or setup required
  3. Does not require very high memory or processor
  4. Allows connection of multiple devices
  5. Saves up a lot of time
  6. Not just system to mobile, but the other way around is also possible
  7. Easily reconnection can happen 
  8. Customizable hotkeys
  9. Interactive dashboard for the user to check their feed
  10.  Lightweight System tray app for Windows client
  11.  Lightweight Status bar app for OSX client
  12.  For Smartphones and Tablets
  13.  No need to run the app in background on your mobile while transferring text from mobile to system.


  1. No particular RAM or processor required.
  2. Works on all networks
  3. Works on Windows 7+ (Physical Keyboards). Visit here.
  4. Works on OSX 10.9+. Visit here.
  5. Works on Android 4.0+. Visit here (Not for iOS, for now)

Alternatives of ALT-C

SupportsTextText, Images, Videos, FilesText
RequirementsWorks on Windows, Mac and Linux. For mobile devices it works on Android.Works on Windows, Mac and Linux. For mobile devices it works on Android.Works on Windows and Android

To conclude I would like to say that this underrated application comes handy at the right moment. Once installed it runs in the background without consuming any large memory or anything. You can close the application and still it will perform its job running in the background. The one thing that I feel is that this service should allow transferring of image files as well as an expansion, that will increase its productivity and will be much more useful for the users.

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