Wednesday, July 17, 2019

7 Amazing Windows Download Managers

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People are well verse with the function of a download manager. It enables accelerating downloading speed by downloading from multiple sources at the same time. Also, downloading multiple files without interfering your browsing quality is a feature which is popularly known. Web browsers like: Firefox, Google Chrome, provide you with a basic manager enlisting the applications, softwares, games, etc. running in downloads. But lets face it! We always want more. This is especially while downloading heavy files, you need a boost in the downloading speed.
Try out these download managers and see which works the best for you. I have enlisted a list of 7 download managers to give you the best options to choose from.

7 Amazing Windows Download Managers 1

1. Free Download Manager:

Free Download Manager, commonly known as FDM owns a powerful bunch of tools with an amalgamation of easy interface. This manager is very easy to use which also the best replacement to Internet Download manager. However, FDM can be termed as a premium version of Internet Download Manager. You will surely notice the accelerated downloading speed and the ability to pause and resume your downloading files which you find in your Chrome browser as well. Except the HTTP and FTP, it also enables you to download torrents quickly.

It has a unique capability to store variety of files in different folders giving an ease for file management. FDM is featured with integrated media player enables users to go through the downloaded files without having to open any other tool. It has a lite version of Free Download Manager as well which is specifically designed for PCs with lower configuration.

Download Free Download Manager

2. Internet Download Manager:

Internet Download Manager is tremendously popular among users. It promises to boost the downloading speed of files and provide stability during downloads. IDM features drag-and-drop facility and comes with command like support for managing downloads. You can also set timer for scheduling your downloads. It possesses basic features of storing files in distinguished categories and queue support, etc.
This software is also compatible with Windows 10. Its capable of getting videos from web players, it supports MMS protocol, and improved performance. Internet Download Manager can be bought in $29.99 to avail all these features.

Download Internet Download Manager

3. Download Accelerator Plus:

This software is a freeware. As its name suggests, its main function is to accelerate the downloading speed. DAP operates on dynamic download engine which boosts the downloading speed. One of the reasons of increased downloading speed is it downloads one file from many sources. The interface of this software is easy to get along. Download Accelerator Plus consists of various features. However, the free version is instilled with basic features to access more features you have to purchase the premium version of DAP.
The features which it supports are downloading videos from YouTube and from other popular video streaming sites, it can convert YouTube files to MP3 which can be downloaded the next moment, in-built video converter ,enables users to play the video before it is downloaded completely, FTP Browser, etc.  The additional features which comes with the premium version is ZIP Preview , Trace Cleaner, and File Shredder.
In all this software has a very powerful mechanism for downloading and a user friendly interface. The features it provides you with normally fulfil the needs on a day-to-day basis. However, you can go ahead and buy the premium version at $24.95 for unlocking more features.

Download Download Accelerator Plus

4. JDownloader:

As said earlier, I promised you to give the best downloading managers however I forgot to mention I’ll try to make this list pocket friendly as well. This is yet another software which is free of cost. JDownloader provides you with the standard features. It is designed using JAVA and enables you to pause or resume your downloads. The JD has some really generous features which supports the most popular content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo and has multiple file download option. Users will be happy to know that this software is designed for Mac, Linux and other developer based systems too.
This software is for people who download a lot of files. The JD software has a unique ability of getting a new IP when your IP is blocked by a certain service with a great speed. You be able to avail 300 plugins which will help you with different applications like WordPress and UCMS. What impressed me more is the 24-hour support which will help you with your doubts and queries. Being a free software I’ve never seen this kind of service!
The interface is very clean and runs smoothly. You also get the option to change its theme and supports many languages. It is perhaps the best option you want to choose.

Download JDownloader

5. DownThemAll:

DownThemAll is an extended version of Mozilla Firefox. However, it is an advanced version of download manager which features in this browser. I wouldn’t compare it with the other managers mentioned above but it can be counted upon.  An ailment is always required when you need a boost in downloading speed.
This is an upgradation with Mozilla Firefox to give maximum results; the spider page feature gives a lot of advantages in the long run. Other attributes like auto-renaming, in-built download manager in Firefox.

Download DownThemAll

6. Orbit Downloader:

Orbit Downloader is a full-fledged download manager which enables you to download almost anything at an improved speed and good performance. This downloading manager allows users to download materials from sites like Pandora, YouTube etc. It has a simple and clutter free interface and consumes less resources.
Orbit Downloader supports various numbers of protocols like MMS, RTSP, HTTP, FTP etc. It assists you to set a proxy server apart from the general one for basic management. This software also supports RapidShare which enables users to download files rapidly from the host site itself. Its an extensively powerful tool for Windows.

Download Orbit Downloader

7. FlashGet:

The UI of this manager is very simple to understand and catch hold of it. It utilizes less resources, optimizes downloads and enhances the downloading speed. FlashGet also supports variety of downloading protocols like BT, eMule, HTTP, FTP, etc. This manager welcomes you with features like renaming, drag-and-drop, managing the downloaded files, etc.
It is very lite on your system. Additional features like supports skin which you obtain and install, add-ons for FlashGet, moreover it allows users to download files in a remote desktop via email (if FlashGet is installed in their PC). With all these features in its system it is a very reliable software.

Download FlashGet