5 Reasons Why You Need a Case For Your iPhone XS

Apple has a knack of coming up with useful and inventive ideas that constantly shape the definition of a smartphone. In this respect, Apple is setting the trend to dizzying heights, making moderations, and introducing features that make smartphones personal and intricate. One such design is the iPhone XS that will literally transform your smartphone experience.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Case For Your iPhone XS 1

It’s no coincidence that an iPhone XS attracts a whopping $1000 as asking its price. This makes this phone an investment, and like all good investments, you must take the necessary safety measures to protect them. 

Buying a good case for your smartphone is one surefire way of ensuring your phone serves you for a longer period of time and stays in good condition. However, not so many people are enthusiastic about having a case for their smartphone; they just opt to use them without cases. 

The iPhone XS is a glass computer that is both water-resistant and dustproof. So why have extra protection? Apple cautions that these initial safety measures eventually wear off, and your phone will be exposed to physical harm or damage if it is left unprotected. If this reason does not motivate you to acquire a phone case, then read ahead for more reasons;

Drop protection

Your phone can accidentally fall from your hands and hit the ground at any time. This can damage the phone’s software or crack the screen. But if you have an iPhone XS case, you will have nothing to worry about.

The case will absorb the impact and protect your phone from getting any damages from the fall. The cost of repairing your phone can be quite high, and the risk is also great because the phone might not work as before. No one should lose their phone simply because they accidentally dropped it.

Personality and style

There is no doubt that the iPhone XS has a sleek and modern design; this may tempt you to take the risk and use it without a casing. However, this is not a good idea. Getting a case for your smartphone does not mean you compromise your taste for sleek designs.

There are many case designs that will fit your personality and style. Whether you want a custom case design with your logo on it or you want a case with unique characters, there is virtually no limit to the numerous available options you can pick from.  

Did you buy insurance?

It’s easy to get attached to your smartphone to the point that no other phone can replace its sentimental value. What happens to all the sensitive data you have on your phone? How many people can claim to backup all their data to the cloud and will not feel a pinch if they lose their smartphone today?

Having a case is preferable to having insurance for your phone. Insurance will get your phone replaced in case of damage; a case, on the other hand, is the primary security that prevents you from having to replace your phone in the first place.

Protect your smartphones resale value

Smartphone technology is not static. Apple is bound to pop up with a new model that will make owners of iPhone XS make a jump for the new device without hesitation. This upgrade can be costly, and part of the funds can come from reselling your phone. The amount you fetch from your resale will solely depend on the cosmetic state of your phone.

You may not have cracked the screen or dented your smartphone, but usage over a period of time can make your phone wear out, this lowers the resale value. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to protect your phone, so you can maintain its value.

Get more professional use of your phone

It sounds amazing to have a water-resistant phone. Apple’s iPhone XS has an IP68 rating, which is a fancy way of saying it can survive water depths of 2 meters but for only 30 minutes. This is good news; knowing that your phone can survive an accidental drop in the bathtub or rainfall. 

But if you want to use your phone professionally in taking underwater photos, you will need better protection for your phone. A good phone case allows you to take photos with your phone up to 33 meters deep with no time constraints at all.

The pros of having a case for your phone outweigh the cons. Just because the case may make your phone bulky, you should not risk losing your phone prematurely.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Case For Your iPhone XS 3
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