Image Space Media Helps Publishers Monetize Images On Their Websites.

Updated 2017: Image Space media has stopped their service. Checkout 17 Top Adsense Alternatives for Making Money from Your Blog

Couple of years ago, the only major source for publishers to find revenue through their site was to monetise their website with banner ads from Google Adsense and there wasn’t many ad options available to optimise the ads. Over the years, advertising media has improved a lot with innovative ideas for attracting customize and to find a better advertising niche. Most of you must have already using new monetising platforms like in-text ads and in-video ads.

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Apart from In-text and In-video ads publishers can monetize their image content in their websites to earn a partial income. Image Space Media (formerly Picad Media), is one such in-image ad network that helps publishers monetize images on their websites with ad overlays. They were first to experiment in-image advertising strategy for publishers. They recently upgraded its platform to include a detailed analytics platform and they have partnered with a reputable ad feed that will monetize your international traffic. The below is the example of ImageSpaceMedia in action.

They have also implemented a ‘share‘ feature which helps to drive traffic within your site, adds additional income through new banner ad space, and allows viewers to share your images through their Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Image Reporting and Payment Threshold

Users can track their ad performance and earnings from PubStop platform, the tool allows publishers to value which of their images are yielding higher earnings. The publisher can login to their account dashboard and can get a detailed report on the total ad impressions, total clicks, CTRs, eCPMs, number of images. The minimum payment threshold is 25$ which will be payable via Paypal.  I’ve given a thumbs-up for ISM and have started monetizing images in this site from today. Below you can see the screenshot of my image reporting page.

Since this year they have implemented rich media ad formats apart from text only ads. Since their rival GumGum has shutdown recently, ISM expects a better market reach. Though it looks interesting I’d probably have to wait and see how good it can get in the coming days. However, I don’t believe I can make consistent income from in-image ads as it is yet to become social and popular. Do share in comments how do you rate in-image ads and do you consider implementing it in your site to monetize image?

Image Space Media Helps Publishers Monetize Images On Their Websites. 1
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