I attained my BSE from Saint Mary's College in Business and Economics and from there I moved into the the real estate world working as an appraiser and also working for a mortgage company brokering loans in the entertaining world of a loan officers! I say this with a grin through clinched teeth. It's tough being the perceived "bad guy" loan officer trying to trick money out of the shallow pockets of home buyers. In reality, I left that line of work because of that very stigma. No matter how hard I tried to earn the trust of the customers, they still looked at me with a weary eye. From there, I moved on into owning my own business developing real estate. With dreams of being the next Trump, I moved forward pressing hard to become successful. All of the hard work paid off and I was well on my way to living the American Dream, when all of a sudden, wait for it...crash! boom! bang! the market dropped out faster than a bowling ball off of a building! So I thought screw it, I'm fed up with trying to go at it by myself...I'm going to ride on the back of a large corporation. Trough some contacts and a few string pulls, I wound up in the marketing world as an account manager in the automotive world. From there, I moved up the corporate ladder until I got the opportunity to work for a friends company in the real estate world making more per hour and working far fewer hours a week. Like any idiot out there would have done, I jumped at the opportunity and soon fell flat on my arse as the market pulled his company under. So, with a bruised backside and ego to boot, I took a job as a manager of a local private gym as the manager. I quickly came to love the atmosphere a gym and it's patrons provided but hated the money it paid. Putting my happiness on the back burner, I decided to jump back into the business world again as the Marketing Director for Pulido Cleaning & Restoration, my current position. I quickly found that I loved the freedom of running the marketing department and enjoy this field. It's trying and entertaining and difficult and fun all rolled into one...life, once again, is good! That's my professional life in a nutshell and I'm sticking to it!






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