Monday, September 23, 2019

Daniel Gray Untamed

Influenced greatly by the Golden Era and preserved by the elements, his sound has only just been discovered. While stirring up the local scene, he has developed a fan base spanning the globe and received attention from as far as Europe, the United States and Japan. With 4 original albums, "Something Different", "Master Peace", "Get It Together",and "Already In Motion" under his belt, Daniel Gray Untamed's music is well beyond everythings he's learned or studied. He makes use of several instruments in his original songs, including 6 + 12 string acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards/synth, drums/percussions, vocals/harmonies, mandolin, and harmonica. Each of his originals are all different. In style, in genre, and in sound. From funk, to pop, to country, to rock, to blues, and all other styles in between. It's not wrong to say this artist is a one man full band. He's brilliant, imaginative and passionate about his creations.






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