9 Awesome Conversion Optimization Techniques That Improve Site Rankings

Optimization Techniques That Improve Site Rankings

Online traffic is not consistent. If you are struggling to acquire the visitors into your conversion funnel, the chances of their repeat visit and taking desired action is quite low. This can make you lose the best business opportunity that has the potential to scale up your brand. The best way to improve your site ranking is by creating a powerful conversion optimization campaign.

Having an effective conversion rate optimization campaign not only saves your time, money, and effort but also explore new growth opportunities for site ranking that were not disclosed in the past. To put it in simple words, conversion rate optimization will be helpful in understanding the site’s usability better while providing insights about the customer behavior. 

Are you searching for the top conversion optimization techniques to boost your site ranking on the search engine? If yes, then we have got you covered. We have unveiled fruitful tips that can help you in improving site ranking on the search engines. Let’s check them out in detail:

9 Optimization Techniques for site ranking

 1. Create Quality Content That Converts

Adding engaging content on your site is considered as the right way to enhance your conversion optimization efforts. A quality content raises the curiosity of the readers to know more about your products and services. You can create tutorial videos or informative blog posts to target your audience. With great content, you can build authority and trust for your website in the visitor’s mind that can ultimately lead to better conversion.

2. Optimize The Forms 

The next thing that you should focus on is optimizing the form on your website. Try to keep the number fields minimum, choose subtle color and design for the buttons, and format should be easy to understand for the users. This will not make them leave the form filling process halfway. 

3. Easy Navigation

Navigation is the most essential aspect for conversion. You should offer ease of navigation to the users so they don’t feel any hassle while browsing through your website. Make sure that you place all the relevant information above the fold and people find content that they are looking for without much effort. 

4. Choose Contrasting Color for CTA Button

Make sure that your CTA button should stand out so the visitors can see it clearly. Choose color that will enhance the view of your CTA button. This will help in increasing the conversion rate on your website. Therefore, you should try to maintain a balance with your existing theme to keep the consistency maintained. The best way to do this is to opt for complimentary color techniques.  

5. Add Social Proof

If you haven’t included social proof in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on potential business opportunities. Hence, we suggest you gather testimonials of the clients and add them on your site. There are many advantages of social proof like it increases brand credibility, influences purchasing decision, and builds trust for a brand. 

6. Build A Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

A UVP is considered as the most essential factor that triggers conversion. It is helpful in showing why people should choose your offer. By providing an explanation of how your products and services can meet the customer’s needs, your UVP will help you to stand out from the competition. 

In simple words, it makes the customers understand why they should opt for your products or services. This thing should be prominent on your landing page. So, try to come up with an offer that others can’t replicate at all. 

7. Landing Page Layout

Landing pages play a great role in conversion optimization as from there you can gather more leads. Often, a site owner launches an aesthetically appealing landing pages filled with excess information and slick graphics because they think that more is always best. But the reality is that too many elements placed in the incorrect position can divert the users’ attention from choosing anything. So, it becomes important to focus on the landing page layout. 

8. Page Speed

Page speed has a major influence on the performance of your site ranking. In fact, it affects user experience, conversion rate, and ranking of sites on the search engine. Even seconds of delay can decrease your  conversion rate to a great extent. This also implies that you can lose out potential customers for your business. 

9. Mobile Optimization

The majority of users are accessing content through their mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, then it can badly affect user experience and conversion. It is essential for B2B marketers particularly as research has revealed that 77% of executives utilize their mobile phones to perform research on the products and services of their business. 

Benefits of Conversion Optimization 

  • Helps to understand customers better
  • Increases the customer base
  • Improves the website’s profit
  • Reduces the customer acquisition cost
  • Enhances customer lifetime value

If you need to avail all the above benefits, then it is necessary to craft a solid conversion optimization strategy for your website as soon as possible. 

Final Words

When site visitors leave your page without taking any action (sign up, subscribe, etc), they cost you money. Plus, they negatively affect the Google rankings because visitors are not engaging with the site content resulting in higher bounce rate. 

The digital marketers have noticed the fact that the web traffic doesn’t always convert. The prime reason for that is that they have not started performing site conversion optimization yet. This is because they failed to recognize the effectiveness of this technique. If you want to attain a higher search engine ranking, then you should use conversion optimization on your website. 

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