4 Reasons Why You Should Reverse Engineer Competitors Link Building

There’s a lot more to Link analysis of competitors than discovering the ones who link to your competitors and make them link to you. Here we discuss the way of using the competitive link analysis optimally.

Competitors are present at all times as they try to win the same expenditure money which you try to. Your actual competitors are the ones having good ranking for your vital keywords. So you can carry out numerous searches with your most popular keywords and view the outcomes. These would be ones you must to focus on in your study.


1) Seeing how your competitors are faring will give you estimate of size of work projected.

The links that point to all your competitors is a significant step and you will get these numbers in a couple of columns, which are ‘Linking domains’ and ‘Inbound links’.

The most vital metric’s the amount of linking domains as your website can have links from numerous pages on the same domain but extra links from the that domain will repeatedly bring slight extra search engine benefit.

Thus the quality and quantity of linking domains provides you with a better assessment to the quantity of links.

It’s also important to  look up the outcomes of some additional considerations like the number of superior links of your competitors, links from money-making partners, links from top blogs, paid links and links from media and directory websites  to see what helpful, proven information you can gather.

2) Finding numerous prospects for quality links – You shall get access to sites that can link to you directly

A new feature has just been introduced to Link Builder which sorts out the linking domains into trusted, Blogs and Directories as well as lists, Shopping, Media, Social media, Jobs and Business and can save a lot of time when you build campaigns.

3) Being aware of the strategy of your competitor – Get to know their strengths and weaknesses

A look at links on your competitor’s websites is able to provide you with a marvelous insight into their functioning.

4) Get numerous ideas for content

Looking at links of competitors provides you with ideas and inspires your own inventiveness. Media accounts particularly are able to be a vast resource of content ideas.

In short, a careful look at Competitive link analysis lets you find out your competitors’ strategies. Being conscious of their strategies is the foremost stride in getting the better of them.